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Ammi's House - Sophia Abid

We sat around the round table as our Nani, who we fondly referred to as Ammi, grabbed a bowl of freshly popped corn from the kitchen. It was me, my cousin who was 10 months younger, and a whole chain of little babies around the house. Fortunately, Ammi had this specific taste when it came to making popped-corns. So, when we finally got that beloved snack, we started eating as if we had been starving for over a hundred days. We were all watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. However, some of us were more interested than others.

My Mamu got us some jumbo colored chalks and left us in awe of how chalks could possibly be of that size. We started off with silly drawings on the floor of the garage and then luckily enough, were allowed to draw on the main gate of the house, which was all black. Those days! We couldn't stop drawing and erasing and drawing and erasing. We were so excited to use all those colored and jumbo-sized chalks. They were thick and big and cylindrical, in all the colors you can imagine. And not just that, their shades varied too! Our Mamu had built us a swing which we were planning to decorate for our cousins who had just come from Dubai because they were part of our little gang and we got along with them very well.

We visited all sorts of different, fun-filled places like parks and museums and more. The list goes on. Visiting the sea was always the best because we'd all bathe together under the scorching heat of the sun, but it always had a different sense of comfort inside it. We'd sit on the camel's back and ride horses -always with a chaperone- and have halwa-poori at a nearby hotel which was all worth remembering, always.

There's so much more to this childhood but the memories we made as children are incomparable. We were never bothered or worried about what was happening around us. We were young and wanted to experience the merry-go-round rides and slow roller coasters and jumping castles that were sometimes so huge we felt like we were in an actual castle.

When we were young, we wanted to hurry up and grow into adults and now that we're adults, we want to be young again. The best time is the present; the more you make out of it, the happier you feel.

Sophia Abid is an internationally published author and an undergraduate student in psychology. She was published at the age of just 18 and has written three books namely, I WEAR A WIG, THE SKIN AND OTHER LAYERS and SUNSHINE.

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