An Open Letter to those Suffering in Silence

Updated: Jun 17

My dear friend,

Let's accept that you lied whenever you said all is going well in your life, and I also pretend to believe it; You smile to portray everything is going okay, but the pain behind your eyes says it all you have been through!

Each passing day brings you the tragedies you have not prepared for; it feels like you are drowning in a never-ending spiral of struggle and misery. I know it wrenches your heart to see things getting worse than ever.

And, right now, you feel stuck in a situation where you have no hope for better days; that's why I am here, writing this letter to help you understand that you are not alone in this. Even if you hide your pain, I still realize your sufferings in silence and the pain you endured for ages. I know how desperately you want things to change for good, despite the unfavorable circumstances.

It has been quite a while that you feel your true self because life is going really tough on you; I know you are overwhelmed but still pushing yourself forward to get things done. I can feel how hard you try to make others happy when your inner self is trembling with pain. It's like you are trapped within the vicious cycle of uncertainty, but please understand that this is all temporary!

You feel yourself on the verge of giving up, but please don't. Keep faith in yourself that you are doing your best, and there is nothing you are lacking, even if your anxious self or others make you feel otherwise.

Please remember that I am here for you; I love you and will be there for you in every thick and thin. You are worthy of my love and unconditional support. Allow me to share your emotional burden because that is what friends are made for, and, honestly, it's not only me but many people who are trying to help you. I know you are hesitant to share your problems with anyone because whenever you did, you were shamed.

You may not want to experience the same trauma again, but please, don't abandon your loved ones. When you lean over others' shoulders to cry on, they betray you. Therefore, I know trusting again is hard, but let's give them a chance. I know they misjudge you by not listening to or trusting you, maybe they will not repeat the same mistake.

It doesn't mean to put blind trust in people but to let them show their true feelings for you to know who genuinely cares for you, because I just don't want to see you all alone. I want you to trust that I can see your pain, and I can see it through your eyes. Don't think that no one understands you; You are not alone, you have me, and you have many you didn't see coming, who are willing to help you and love you no matter what.

I know how it feels when you don't find the courage to get yourself out of bed. You spend your time locked up inside your room, dumped onto the bed, crying your heart out, without any will to go out and face the world. I know at times you gave fake excuses for not attending my calls or replying to my messages, and it's okay. I know your exhaustion is real, and you do not need to prove it to me. Just because you have been facing this for so long does not mean you have to show your resilience every time. It's okay to let go of public attention, even from the people you love, to get hold of your peace-to start over your journey.

It's very human to feel exhausted and not feel like getting up. People may not realize it, but I know how much strength it takes for you to do the bare minimum, and I am proud of you for that. It's so brave of you to give positivity and love to the people while hiding our inner battles.

Do you wonder how I know this? I know this because that's exactly what I have been through, and still facing. I know how it feels to live on the edge of failing but still manage to smile and encourage others. I know it's not easy to keep going in such the hardest of times you are dealing with, but please hang in there for me. Many people previously have been in your shoes, yet they survived. Hence, so can you. By saying this, I am not trying to invalidate your suffering but to make you understand that you can get through this. I know it hurts when people dismiss your internal struggle because others might have it worse, and I am sorry for that. My friend, let me tell you that you are different from them, and so is your pain threshold. It does not matter if it takes more than others to get healed. Your strength is not defined by when and how you get yourself out of this trouble, but how you never give up. My friend, please know that you do not have to face the dark to blossom again; there is no way to justify your sufferings. You are deserving of every peace, happiness, and growth even when you are in your comfort zone- your growth is destined, my love!

Believe me, one day, you will look back at what you went through and will be proud of how far you have come. You will look at yourself with so much pride and tears of joy in your eyes that you finally made it! You have done what once seemed impossible to you. I know it's weird to say this, but those bad memories that keep you restless will no longer haunt you. You will eventually realize how to be at peace with your traumatic past- letting go of things that no longer serve your happiness and growth. The moment you realize everything that happened in the past as temporary, the less worried you will be and will have the strength to get over what was left behind and move on.

Please know that you are important to me and this world. You have a ray of sunshine in you that lightens up the path of so many people, and you have been an inspiration to many the way you live with dignity and compassion despite the bitterness you received; Don't underestimate your power and wisdom with which you came out as strong as you could ever be.

I know you want things to ease down a bit, but sadly, it is not happening, and that's how life goes. You cannot skip this chapter of your life, but yes, do not allow this phase to overrule you. Please understand that stress is a part of life, so peace and contention are. If something is bothering you, let go of that thing; Speak about it and let me know if I can do something for you.

I know you are working very hard to sort things out, but people are not acknowledging your efforts. And, honestly, there is no need for their approval as long as you do what is better for you. Even if things didn't work in your favor, it is not the end of the world; understand that it was not even meant for you. Dear, life is not about settling on grief but living it happily.

My love, you are an amazing person, so just be who you are. Your value is not defined by the societal standards you are trying to meet. So, never let the bitterness of others behold your compassion and strength. Do not unheard that little voice of you that tells you to keep going because, in the end, that's all that matters. Your life is about to take a positive and calming turnaround; just trust the process. I don't know when this change will occur for you or how your turmoil will end? It may take some years, but you need to take one thing at a time; make an effort, and let yourself go with the flow. I am sure that this too shall pass. You will survive this. In fact, we will survive this together.

With my deepest affections,

Aatiqa Ali


The author is an in-house writer at Perspective.

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