Are Jinns as involved with humans as we think they are?

Come summer and the start of a long vacation is the time when you either visit others, or get visitors, from out of the city or from abroad. During this time sitting together at night, a lot of storytelling occurs. These include tales that we have heard from grandparents, friends, or someone else. The stories can be about ghosts, fairies, jinn, or other ‘weird’ things. Many times, people love to make up tales about such beings. However, sometimes they are real and are true experiences someone has come across.

We are going to come across many people in our lives, including Muslims who do not believe in the existence of jinn even though their existence is discussed at various places in the Holy Quran and there is Surah in the twenty-ninth Siparah titled ‘JINN’ where Allah has told us about their existence and discussed many of their attributes. Hazrat Suleiman (AS) had control over them and they obeyed him without uttering a word. They obeyed him and performed all the duties given to them. As mentioned in the Quran, they were the ones who constructed Masjid-e-Aqsa and only came to know about Hazrat Suleiman’s death when he fell down because termites had eaten the cane on which he was leaning. The jinn appeared in front of our Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) four times and converted to Islam, this incident tells us that before this happened they were non-Muslims. Those who didn’t convert belong to the clan of Iblis (Satan) because jinn are created from fire as mentioned in Surah Rahman, like Iblis who was their Chieftain.

Now we are going to talk about their existence in our daily life. They, like humans, have families, tribes, and clans. As they cannot be seen, they are present everywhere, especially in vacant and far-flung open areas. Their presence can be felt more by a person having ESP power than someone who does not have ESP power. They can change their existence and can take the form of another human, animal, etc. Their sizes also differ; some are very tall while others are hardly three feet in height, but are very naughty. There is also a two-part YouTube video available by a Pakistani researcher on jinn.

The question remains as to whether they are involved with humans or not. To emphasize their involvement with humans, I am going to write about some of the experiences which my family and I had while living in our house. This house had been lying vacant for more than a decade and the neighbors told us that the house was occupied by ghosts, etc. We moved in and after a while, all family members started having different types of experiences. It was common for all of us to see movement in the garden as if someone was crossing it dressed in white or pink. Once while outside on the lawn my mother was standing in front of the window of our room when she felt as if she saw a short lady.

The moment that lady realized someone had seen her she disappeared. Many times we heard footsteps outside in the open space and also felt as if someone was watching us. My brother who was hardly five at that time had an experience. He was playing in his room behind which was a corridor through which our house was connected with two of our neighbor’s’ houses.

Our neighbor’s son was the same age as my brother and they were friendly with each other. While he was playing he heard someone call him. Thinking it must be his friend, he peeped from the window and found it vacant. This thing happened twice more after an interval of five to ten minutes which scared him, and me, and we went and stood near the gate till our mother returned from shopping. Many other experiences took place in the house like the disappearance of car keys and reappearance at a different place.

From that house, we moved to two other houses where the experiences were scary in the sense that at times we would hear an old lady crying or dancing on the roof with a loud sound of ghungroo. At times things would fall in the kitchen without anyone being there. At times we would feel while sleeping that someone was trying to strangulate us.

From the above-mentioned experiences, it is clear that these happenings are very much real and not imagined. So many times people like to enjoy terrifying others by making stories or by acting like ghosts etc. by disguising or hiding behind a door, wall, or in a cupboard, etc. to scare anyone but we have to believe that jinn are real and that they are good as well as bad.

Jinn is also used by those who practice black magic to cause harm and hurt to the person on whom the magic is being practiced. Many a time people attempt to use the presence and activities of jinn as a façade to hide their faults. As it is very difficult for humans to accept their faults and weaknesses. And what better way than blaming someone (jinn) who does not defend himself/herself.

It is a topic about whose acceptability and unacceptability depends on an individual, his/her knowledge, and faith. Belief and acceptance in presence of jinn and their activities will differ from person to person. What I have mentioned are some of my own beliefs and personal experiences, not any hearsay. I would like to put a stop over here because it is a long debatable topic. Thank you.


Faiza Zameer is an in-house writer at Perspective.

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