Being an Entrepreneur - Nature or Nurture? by Maryam Salman

Entrepreneurship has always been highly valued in the society around us. The question that entrepreneurs are in-born or are nurtured in a specific way is a very interesting debate that has been going on for many years now. People have had very long arguments as to whether entrepreneurship is in the nature of an individual or it is the effect of the upbringing and the result of the surrounding one lives in.

People who wish to become an entrepreneur tend to have a perception of a very successful man with amazing looks and a firm handshake. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and heights because it is usually not something in-born.

The way I perceive this is that both nature and nurture play pivotal roles in determining whether one can be a successful entrepreneur. To explain this lets just say that my father has brilliant leadership skills and there's a chance that I may have inherited this genetic trait, but I would not be sure until I lead a project. The thing is even if one may have genetically inherited something, it needs to be sharpened and polished to perfection.

To become a successful entrepreneur, an individual needs to have the qualities and the passion rather than just a perception of what he wants to be.

For a startup to flourish, one should always have a sense of responsibility and the ability to take calculated risks to succeed in this field of life which explains why the word entrepreneur is derived from Old French "entreprendre" which means "to undertake". An entrepreneur should be able to manage the resources of a business well in order for the enterprise to flourish.

One’s inclination towards starting a business is nurtured by multiple factors. Some factors are developed by the environment one is brought up in while the others are the internal factors unique to an individual and vary from person to person. The external factors may include a society one lives in. For instance if I live in America, I would prefer establishing a business of Western Clothing line as compared to an Eastern one. On the other hand I would not be able to start a business as long as I do not have enough resources which may include capital, time, and availability of raw material.