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Cats vs Dogs : Why do people prefer dogs over cats? - Hiba Noor

“If you want to judge a land’s people, judge it by their treatment of animals”

Istanbul is known to be “A City of Cats” because you would literally see cats everywhere in that city. Some even say there are more cats and less people there! The reason why you would see more cats there than any other city is because they feel loved and safe there. Every stray cat is treated like an elite animal, which is why they continue to wander there.

On the other hand, cats are disliked by most people and are less preferred if compared with dogs. One of the main reasons is the common misconception about cats being arrogant or unfriendly, whereas dogs are seen as friendly and loving beings who always stay loyal to their owners.

I would disagree. The reason why most people do not like cats is because they often seem to have traits that might be similar to humans themselves. It is not that cats always stay unfriendly, or that they do not regard their owner the way dogs do, it is just that they require time.

While dogs easily fit to a change in environment, cats take time in getting to know the type of person you are. They seem rude at first because they feel uncomfortable sharing their space with an alien human being. They cannot bring themselves to love someone immediately without even knowing the person’s intentions. Therefore, they prove to be haughty at first, in order to protect themselves.

I’m not saying this because I’m biased towards cats.. I mean, I’m definitely not.. but I just wanted to get this message through.

If looked deeply into, these traits are quite similar to us human beings, we do not show affection to someone we just meet. We take time to analyze their personality, and when we feel unthreatened and safe from them, we tend to be friendly towards them.

In this day and age, when we have fallen victim to major issues of anxiety and depression, we need someone to show love to us despite our shortcomings, and we need that without doing any effort, which is the reason why most people prefer dogs over cats because they tend to be affectionate and loving from the start, while cats require their time, love, and patience to reciprocate those feelings. And all cat owners must know this, that cats do express their love when they are sure that their owners are trustable and when they feel no harm from them.

Hence proven, cats are really not “selfish and arrogant” creatures, but they are loveable animals who just require a bit more space and time to express their fondness.

However, in the end, whether cats or dogs, the main concern should only be animal welfare. There should be active effort in Pakistan to eliminate animal cruelty from our society. We see inhumane cases of animal abuse every other day; stray dogs are shot as “prevention of rabies”, stray cats are tortured despite the fact that they are immensely harmless. These innocent creatures are anything but a threat to us. When they live amongst us, it is our responsibility to protect them, and make them feel safe, and take strict action against the beasts who continue to harm them.

Lastly, having pets is not only about our emotional needs, in fact, it is about the animal as well. Therefore, if you are an animal lover, prefer to adopt, and not shop. Stray animals need our endearment and protection more than anything.

#StopAnimalCruelty #StopAnimalAbuse #LoveCareAndAdopt #LoveAllAnimals #AdoptDontShop

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