• Yumna Ahad

Conquering With Pride - Yumna Ahad

The strong woman

The strong woman,

you know the one who knows

when to step up and when to step back.

The woman who undergoes so many changes in a heartbeat,

and still smile.

The head strong woman

with a fragile heart.

The woman, you know.

The woman I know.

The one who takes thing one at a time,

striving for a better tomorrow.

The woman, who takes care of everyone,

but no one takes care of her.

The woman who slowly becomes into what you want

and forget her real self behind.

The woman; innocent, vulnerable creature

who does more than she says,

and listens more than she thinks.

but at some point in life

when things get strangled,

she runs in a different direction

and finds a way

with no coming back whatsoever.


Do men often wonder?

What women are made up of?

"Silence," No!

“I won't sit, and stop,”

“I won't belittle my thoughts.”

If you cease me to fly,

You will only be left with a “why.”


She talks about emotions.

She talks about health.

She talks about love,

love with cries,

love with poise,

love with laughter

and love beyond lies.

She talks about big things

that turn into small things when unnoticed.

She talks about you

and she talks about me.

She talks about how sun is just another reminder

of how things turn bright at the right time

and then fade away slowly just like your grieves.

She talks about hate,

hate that you first loved intensely,

and hate that increased your hatred towards life

and hate that created little holes in your heart

that remain filled with agony and sadness equivalently.

She talks about laughter,

the kind of laughter that has no kind.

The one that makes you happy with joy

while tears roll down your cheeks

because you miss the essence of that special someone.

She talks about pain,

pain that makes you stronger each time it increases

and weaker each time your loved ones cannot bear it.

She talks about heartbreaks.

The one that leave you with uneasiness

that doesn't go away easily,

but stays until the heart mends on its own

and becomes invincible.

And on that day, her heart will conquer

the thousand little thoughts that come in her way of growing.

She talks about growing,

a process that doesn't start or end on its own.

It's a maze that puzzles you, yet finds you.

And I hope this journey amazes you,

each time you find yourself amidst all the crunches.

And I hope one day she talks about healing.

Healing from inside,

healing from the agony, from the pain,

healing from the laughter that cries afterwards

and healing from heartbreaks

that last longer than you think,

and healing is a long journey,

and I hope when she heals,

she breathes flowers everywhere around her.

Yumna Ahad is a poet, and author of her debut poetry book "The irrevocable thoughts." Poetry for her is escapism and art intertwined in a bead of words that create a world of never ending happiness. She resides in Karachi. The author completed her schooling from PECHS Girls’ School and received her degree in BS English (linguistics).​

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