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Dangers Of Bullying - Ibra Amir

Being made fun of is something many children fall victim to. Peer victimization has unfortunately, become a widespread social problem. The concept of bullying shows that we are not prepared to acknowledge changes in our society. We do not perceive the fact that God has created us all differently. The society anticipates individuals to act and appear as per their expectations, else they will be ostracized. We neglect to understand that individuality is a significant aspect of human character. When children in school behave in perspectives that are not viewed as typical, they are bullied. When you spot an odd child in a ‘normal’ crowd, you should not ridicule them, rather you should accept them for who they are. Parents fail to teach their children that it is okay to be different. A similar mindset is inherited by their offspring.

Bullying has led to the destruction of individuality in countless children. They fall prey to anger, depression, and isolation as a result of being bullied. Per a latest report, Pakistan assumes 22nd place in a list of 25 countries studied for a research on the rate of bullying. This horrible act limits itself to little reasoning. Whether it be fat-shaming, colorism, or religious discrimination - we see it in multiple forms. Pakistani parents fail to comprehend the significance of the word ‘diversity’. They expect their children to be completely normal to coordinate the anticipations of the society. If the child is not socially acceptable, he is considered deviant. This happens especially to girls when they try to step out in the practical world or conflict against the norms and culture of their society to improve their lives.

In addition, bullying has adverse effects on a child's academic performance. Studies show that children who are survivors of humiliation by peers tend to have a poor performance in school and a low attendance. While many people assume that a little bit of bullying is harmless – it may even be helpful for the child to teach them how to stick up for themselves. In reality, however, an estimated 160,000 children miss school on any given day due to fear of bullying by other students. Similarly, they dodge social gatherings to prevent themselves from being harassed and mortified.

In recent years, bullies have also been utilizing social media to pester their fellows. Cyber bullying is growing at a faster rate than you can envision. The children who were previously ridiculed in front of a bunch of classmates, are now being harassed internationally through social media platforms. When a child is bullied, changes in his conduct are detected; they are easily offended and avoid social interactions. Nonetheless, parents fail to fathom these changes. Especially Pakistani parents who do not accept modernity; they see such problems as mere influence of bad company. They often say to their children that their friend is spoiling them; there is no such thing as depression. They disregard the emotional suffering of their child just because such health issues were not discovered in their time.

The need for awareness and acknowledgment is now greater than ever. Seminars for parents and children organized by educational institutions would be a prudent step in eradicating the issue of bullying. As many helplines are becoming available to rescue victims of bullying and mental instability, the new generation is clearly realizing the gravity of the circumstance. Parents need to do the same. It might not appear much, but talking is a great tool in warding off mental health issues caused by bullying, before the child drowns in a pit of depression.

Ibra is an O-levels student who's really into books. And in the past years, she has developed a great interest in writing which is why she participates in a lot of creative writing competitions. She volunteers her free time in working with NGOs as their content writer. While working with the Perspective magazine, she aspires to become a well-known writer.

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