Dear Thomas Shelby

Updated: Sep 19

Dear Thomas Shelby,

Tommy, when I first met you, you were donning a dusty black coat, riding on a horse exuding an irresistible aura, I met you the second time when I caught you off guard, struggling with nightmares, the third time I met you, I saw you very honestly confessing your heart's brokenness to Grace. And just like that after every meeting, your allure beguiled me enough to fall inexorably in love with you.

The town of Small Heath was not just a place you emerged from but a territory, you marked with your hard work and determinism, your words there were considered to be unalterable and if anyone ever tried altering them, then they would face its grave repercussions. I remember Harry once confessing to you about how people want you to win despite your staunch ways of getting things done. He claimed that they wanted you to win because they could see a clear motive behind your rigid principles, they wanted you to win because they considered you their man someone who could fight for them and would pull them together whenever it was needed. Your heart got shattered by Grace's betrayal at a point in your life when troubles of all sorts besieged you, but very gracefully you took charge of your emotions and pulled yourself and your people out of it and hence showcased your mettle and poise as a leader. You did this all without showing a hint of hurt to the world, this quality of yours was quite remarkable and deserved all the praise but also made you less human in my eyes because I believe we humans are emotional beings and we need to vent out our emotions, instead of hiding them in deep corners of our hearts and, if we don't let these feelings out then this whole accumulated anguish can erupt like a volcano and destroy everything that comes in its path.

You had the panache of a rebel and a heart of a child who secretly yearned for the warm embrace of parents, an abode that could protect from the reckless blows of wind. You found that abode in Grace but your happy moments were short-lived and I would never forgive the skies for being this much unfair to you. The Garrison was the embodiment of the chutzpah your family held, it was an indication of the terror, the Shelby family perpetuated in the region, a witness to your rise to power and that was the reason why you revered it so much. Your intelligence and foresight set you apart from your peers, your cleverness indeed was your biggest weapon as it got you out of many complicated situations but it was also your biggest nemesis because it made you brutally cynical.

I know you mistrust people and often blame the world for turning you into a monster, but I want you, Mr. Shelby, to understand that no one is all black or all white, we all carry the baggage of bad decisions on our backs but our world would not have been half as unique as it is today if people like you had not existed. So I just want you to grow out of your cynicism, accept the world and yourself with all the flaws, turn your life around for the better and keep on charming us with your eccentric wit.

With love,

From someone who imitates your Brummie accent and sings dusty black coat at the top of her lungs.


Wajiha Khan is an undergraduate business management student, an avid reader and someone who looks forward to making a name for herself in the world of writing.

Find her on Instagram @the_betelgeuse_shine

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