Do young entrepreneurs still feel strange in our society? by Aatqa Ali

Today, we live in a world ruled by youngsters who have the wisdom and power to create their path for a prosperous future. Young people are no longer to associate with a multinational brand, but to make themselves a brand independently. Interestingly, people have brought about a behavioral change when it comes to either being a job-seeker or an entrepreneur. As a consequence of this debate, we witness an upsurge of young entrepreneurs who take this opportunity as a blessing in disguise. There is an increasing trend of entrepreneurship culture among the community, providing a soft cushion to economic instability and social needs. Though entrepreneurs gain great acceptance in today's world, Pakistan still lacks the atmosphere and business culture that favors the growth of entrepreneurs.

Ironically, people often misinterpret an entrepreneur to be either an elite business owner earning billions of dollars or an underrated local business owner with no financial security. We are still not ready to grasp the true essence of entrepreneurship as being your own boss. We have seen a period where the term ‘entrepreneurship’ sounded very lavish, but things have changed a lot in present times.

Pakistan is fortunate to own a giant portion of its population, almost 64% as a youth, having the potential to endeavor in an entrepreneurial culture. However, due to a lack of understanding and acceptance, we are still far behind on what could be done. It estimates that Pakistan needs to introduce almost 1.7 million jobs per annum to enter new workforces in the market. Pakistan’s low GDP due to the poor economic circumstances gives us the insight to work on the untouched side of the economy. Entrepreneurs can play a vital role in increasing the working population and engaging newcomers in the future upbringing.

But considering the inherent economic issues and old-fashioned employment approach our society follow