Dusk to Dawn - by Laiba Akhtar

Owls were howling, the wind was standing still, and the moon had camouflaged itself beside dark clouds. It was unbearable for it to witness that blank face and slopped demeanor of the daughter of Eve, who was standing on the threshold of a street.

An eerie silence was around her, but she knew that it was the silence before the storm. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the street, and with it, waves of memories rippled in the grooves of her subconscious.

Clad in Burqa, twelve-year-old, bearing the sharp glances of street boys.

Seventeen-year-old, sitting in front of a family who had come for the sake of marriage. Their rapacious stare and hushed comments were causing a shudder of fear to course down her spine.

Receptionist Bride feigning a bright smile, now and then giving resounding laughter at nothing in particular. Her laughter sounded like a suppressed sob.

Eighteen-year-old, she got slapped by her husband for burning the shirt.

Her chest heaved and fell with the strong escalating beats as her steps approached her destination. Tears were clogging in her throat, and her form was shivering as her trembling fist raised to knock on the dark door of the house. As soon as the door was opened, clouds started weeping, and owls started wailing. With everything being in a lamented state, Mashal entered into the living hell.


"What happened? Why have you come like that?" Abeeha bombarded her with questions.

"I got divorced," Mashal said in an emotionless tone, but her words wreaked havoc in the house.