Eastwood Manor

Illustration ⓒ Areej Imran

My spirit roams the halls of Eastwood Manor in the agony of solitude

The eerie silence of which has seeped into my brittle bones

I’ve witnessed more icy winters than one can count

Have seen days, months, years & centuries pass

Time’s trickled away slowly & I’ve counted

Every tragic second that’s passed

And every star in the sky

Abandoned & rejected

Alone & forlorn

Here I float

In the

Misty clouds

Formed of betrayal

Of those who left me here

Locking the doors, taking the keys

I screamed and called; begging to take me

They paid no heed to my cries, calling me cursed

Wretched liars, how did they not see my innocence

I’ve embraced the evil they accused me of, for I shall haunt

Eastwood Manor and whoever dares to step foot on the grounds

I shall clench their souls until no more insufferable seconds are left to count


Laraib Laiq is an in-house writer and editor at Perspective.

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