Entrepreneurial Journey of the Young and Daring

Updated: Jun 17

Young, daring, and energetic, Danish Sayanee has been proving himself as a force to be reckoned with since he was 18. Today, he has broken all odds and is placed in Dubai as the Chief Marketing Officer for a luxury yacht rental company and is also on the verge of publishing some very inspirational work. Danish’s entrepreneurial journey unofficially started at the tender age of 14 when he had to work odd jobs to finance his education. This was a time when life dealt his family with a heavy blow. If you learn of what he did to support himself and his education, it will truly inspire you. Nevertheless, he overcame such obstacles and found his calling by becoming one of the first Pakistanis to publish on Amazon, a platform that was quite unknown in these regions back then. Not only this, but he also managed to get published before he turned 18. This can be called his first entrepreneurial venture since the royalties he received from his book helped him get on his feet. Danish went on to publish two more books with Amazon as well.

In 2017 Danish found his true calling and initiated an educational consultancy with a like-minded friend and they both defied many odds together. Danish has gained acclaim as a trainer and consultant since then. He has done multiple successful projects using the platform of the Institute of Excellence in Learning and Teaching (IELT), which include major work in educational technology and innovative educational practices. He led the revolutionary project of Edtech integration for a popular all girls’ school in Karachi, of which the teachers and management all hail his mannerism and professionalism. The school claims to be pandemic-ready because of him. Aside from this Danish also led the organization of a conference in the first year of establishing the consultancy, which catered to the professional development of over 500 teachers and hosted over 50 prominent schools and educational organizations. He also led the organization for VirtuCon 1.0 – the first virtual conference by IELT which hosted over 1000 teachers and had speakers from Canada, the USA, and the Middle East. Danish also chaired entrepreneurial competitions, mentored aspiring youth on their business plans, and trained them. When questioned about what “Entrepreneurship” means to him, he said, “Entrepreneurship is the future of mankind, in many ways, it is reverting back to the ways of our ancestors who used trade and business to move towards prosperity, our generation will and should use entrepreneurship to move towards a better tomorrow.”

Today, he wears many hats and he is currently working in Dubai, where he was asked to come aboard and support the fledgling organization because of his amazing start-up knowledge. He has placed the company in a prominent position within his first quarter of being there. With tourism being on the downside, one wonders what miracles he would have reeked in normal circumstances. Recently, he has been preparing for the launch of his fourth book at international level. This book has also been predicted to be a best-seller.

Ultimately, you would think that this young man has done more than enough in his time. However, he is still mentoring and acting as a benefactor to a young, female-led venture here in Pakistan. While doing all this, he is now in the process of starting entrepreneurial courses for those who want to benefit from his experience. Let us keep our fingers crossed for this daring author and entrepreneur, and wish him luck with all that he does.


Faiza Zameer is an in-house writer at Perspective.

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