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Updated: Jun 9

"Entrepreneurship through the ages" is a six-part interview series initiated by Wardah Khan, a writer at Perspective, wherein she interviewed entrepreneurs belonging to different stages of their careers/journey so that people could relate to them and get inspiration.

This is the second part of the series featuring Affan Tahir.


Q.1) Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Affan Tahir, and you may not know but I can easily bargain an item from Rs.2000 to Rs.1000. I am getting promoted to A levels in a month. Believe me or not but getting through 2 years of O levels has to be my greatest accomplishment.

Having a business of my own has always been my greatest interest, and seeing my father running his business with such zeal and passion further instills my fascination of building one of my own.

Q.2) What are your hobbies and interests?

Aforementioned, having a business of my own owes a huge part to my interests.

Give me some people, a bat and a ball and I can play cricket all day long, let alone Karachi's scorching heat! Or perhaps, even a notebook and a paper ball in an air conditioned room, works perfectly fine!

I also like to collect glasses, even if I don't find an opportunity to wear them. My friends call it a weird fetish, I think it's pretty cool.

Also let's not forget Baqra Eid is almost around the corner, that means daily visits to the mandi and late night walks with my animals. If you don't find me at home or I don't answer your calls, I am probably somewhere out busy with my animals.

Q.3) How would you describe your working style?

I've always had a very staunch belief in the supremacy of working in teams. Teamwork IS actually dreamwork! I like working in environments and areas where a group of different intellectuals work together to give various contributions which ultimately give out an amazing output.

Yes, with teamwork do come hurdles like disagreements and different paradigms, but, I believe its important to know how to agree to disagree and also understand the person in front of you, all which requires great organizational and co-operational skills which I believe provide to a successful project.

Q.4) What future in entrepreneurship do you see for yourself?

Like any other son, my father is my biggest inspiration and role model. I see myself helping and working with my father's company to make it expand and grow further, and alongside learn and pickup different and new skills which will help me in building up a successful construction company of my own one day, In Sha Allah.

Q.5) Do you believe you'll be a revolutionary or inspirational entrepreneur?

You see, everything you aim for the future needs a point of betterment for the society behind it. I see my country Pakistan as a growing country in various aspects like tourism and more. I hope my construction company will ably give out buildings in form of villas, apartments, hotels etc. with the latest use of technology that is highly used in first world countries, which will not only help my company stand out but will serve as a stepping stone for my country to enter the list of leading countries in construction and buildings, In Sha Allah.

Moreover, I think it's high time for companies to start delivering their projects on time and I am going to ensure my company helps break this practice of late project deliveries.

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