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Updated: Jun 9

"Entrepreneurship through the ages" is a six-part interview series initiated by Wardah Khan, a writer at Perspective, wherein she interviewed entrepreneurs belonging to different stages of their careers/journey so that people could relate to them and get inspiration.

This is the third part of the series featuring Maria Ali who runs her home-based baking business called Baking Treasures.


Q.1) Tell us a bit about yourself and the set-up you're currently running?

I am a home-based baker, my business is based in Karachi. I am running a business by the name of Baking Treasures. We offer Cakes, Cupcakes, Pizzas, Brownies and Cinnamon rolls, etc. We also offer to make customized cakes including fondant and cream cakes, both.

Q.2) What pushed you into starting this business?

Baking was always my passion, and Alhamdullilah it had turn to be my profession. One of my friends was doing the same thing professionally, so when I visited her once, she had made beautiful cakes and I was really inspired! Since then, I started thinking about it seriously and believed it was possible for me to do this and Alhamdullilah with my friends and family's support, I just decided to go for it!

Q.3) What do you think keeps you going despite the ups and downs of the business?

Alhamdullilah, I got an overwhelming response as soon as I started and I got the chance to expand my business and I added new items to my menu and Alhamdulillah upon the delivery of each order, I would received an amazing feedback and appreciation beyond my expectations, so that's just what kept me hooked.

Q.4) What would you like to tell the mothers who are scared to pursue their passions because they fear it might affect their relationship with their children?

I would just like to say that time management is the key and if you plan very well, you will be able to balance your work and the household easily.

Q.5) How far ahead did you think, before you started?

I hadn't planned much ahead to be honest, I just turned my hobby into a profession but it grew beyond my expectations and day by day, I kept getting orders and now I think I am at a really good pace, Alhamdulillah.

Q.6) What goals did you have for yourself when you first started and have you achieved them yet?

I wanted to follow my passion and achieve something, and now that I see myself being recognized as a professional home-based baker, I believe that it is indeed an achievement!

Q.6) Where do you see your set--up by the end of the next decade?

Who knows I might be expanding to add an everyday food items because I am quite confident about my cooking skills and have a plus point of being an expert in the traditional cuisine!

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