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"Find Yourself" - a campaign that truly supports small businesses

Haven’t we all been obsessed looking for the next big trend to jump on? To associate ourselves with the most famous names? Of course there’s an ugly side to this world of fast fashion and big brands and all the supposed glamour that comes with it. Which is why a growing number of people are now advocating for local brands and small businesses which deserve much more support and recognition than they deserve.

@thesaarigirl featured in Find Yourself

“Find Yourself” is a social media campaign that does just that by highlighting those whose efforts are often ignored. The campaign was founded by J.Durrani Studio, a social media management company that goes beyond its own work to truly showcase the essence of supporting small businesses. 

@Scooposcrub featured in Find Yourself

We live in a country that has such a beautifully rich heritage of handicrafts and local artisans. Unfortunately, the world of fast-fashion and obsessions with big names has slowly killed the value of supporting local businesses. However, it’s now a trend that has started coming back on a global scale. Facebook and Instagram recently launched a series of resources and platforms by which small local businesses can be seen. But we shouldn’t have to rely on global trends to tell us who we should support. 

“Find Yourself” takes the first step in building that supportive community by bringing together artists,creators and entrepreneurs who are bringing something new to the table. When I got the chance to speak to Ramsha, the creator of this campaign I was immediately impressed by the passion with which she introduced the campaign. She spoke like one of those people who truly wanted to delve deep into the whys and hows. Wanting to know more about these young upcoming entrepreneurs, their struggles and dreams and why they got to this point. The thing about small businesses is that they are infused with love and passion and a lot of strength because getting into this game isn’t easy. Which is why in these struggling times it is more important than ever that we direct our resources towards supporting them and buying from them. The campaign takes a step away from established influencers and what’s already on the market. It’s never easy for newcomers to make their mark and “Find Yourself” aims to redirect that attention to these amazingly talented people who for lack of resources or other reasons are unable to garner that same social media hype. 

@candid_colours featured in Find Yourself

Ramsha is also the founder of JD. Studio,and  is currently working at a Marketing Research Firm as well as doing a part-time MBA from the Institute of Business Administration. As a small business owner herself, Ramsha truly understands the struggles and needs of someone starting out in the field. She currently owns Le Vitrail, a stained glass design startup. Le Vitrail brings together the rich history of stained art with modern decorating. For Ramsha, this started off as a therapeutic hobby in quarantine that remained her of similar activities she did as a child with her mother and has now developed into a business.

You can access Find Yourself and all its featured artists on @jdurranistudio on instagram!

All images taken from @jdurranistudio Instagram page

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