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Updated: Jun 19

Despite the fact that I have visited these breath-taking sites multiple times, they never fail to amuse me. Pakistan is a land of adventures, a land full of beauty. This is a side of Pakistan which is foreign to social media platform, a side unknown to many.

Travelling to a 'Land of Heaven' also known as "Kashmir", the most unpredictable aspect was the fact that a single piece of land, mountains afoot next to each other, are divided into territories of two nations, into two separate worlds, yet into two enemies. The land behold the most challenging terrains yet the most exquisite landscapes. The mountain of ArangKel beholds fame due to lack of development which has helped to preserve the area and its beauty. From Kail, there's a hike of about 2 hours which leads to these beautiful sceneries. I may not be able to capture its entire beauty but a chunk can be seen in this picture.

The following image is of a park in Shogran on a random evening, the refraction of sunlight due to the low-lying clouds was something made me stare at it for about an hour. These places are untouched by human and are free of all the modern facilities. These places absolutely blow your mind. On this specific evening the cold air touching the face with slight sunlight peering through the clouds gave the best feeling ever. Many people are not aware of the existence of this park. People go up to the hilltop known as "SiriPaye" to have an amazing view of the mountains but this places only a few meters away from all the hotels might take your breath away.

Many of you might not be aware of the 'Hingol National Park' in the Baluchistan district of Pakistan. This park simulates a ray of hope for the development of tourism in Pakistan. An aesthetic combination of Canyon lying in a desert supporting variety of life is something all of us need to witness at least once in a lifetime. A visit to this park along with the KundMalir Beach can vividly explain the diversity of the terrain of Pakistan. Moreover, the 'Mud Volcanoes' in this district from which cold lava flows is something that really needs our attention.. This is known as Princess of Hope due to its ability to serve a variety of tourists. A rock resembling ‘The Great Sphinx of Gaza’ is also found here but the amazing part is that it is not man-made.

Balochistan has always been underrated for tourism. This is particularly why most people are not familiar with the natural beauty of Balochistan. Always looked upon as dry, barren land with scarce vegetation, there actually exist places like MulaChootak – a hidden ravine located approximately 105 kilometers north-east from Khuzdar. The place is host to a mesmerizing waterfall found between two hills, giving it the shape of an umbrella – the primary reason behind its attractiveness. Elevated approximately 1200 meters above sea level, tourists usually trek the tall cliffs and swim in the clear waters. People also enjoy fish found in the Moola River and juicy mangoes found throughout the village. The weather ranges from burning hot summers to extremely cold winters, with temperatures falling below freezing point, so it is recommended to learn about accurate forecasts in order to gear up for this one-of-a kind and exciting adventure.

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