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How The Male Superiority Complex Affects Women In Our Society - Nawal Zia

It is often said that men feel threatened by women more successful than themselves. According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, a woman's success undermines her partner's sense of self-esteem and triggers men's fear that she will ultimately leave him. Wonder why so many Pakistani men check women’s employment when hunting for a spouse?

The superiority complex of males in our society is toxic to the extent that a successful, hard-working, and self-built woman intimidates them. This can be seen in the case of journalist, UroojIqbal,was shot dead by her husband for refusing to leave her job. The option to divorce was always available incase he felt insecure and would certainly have been a much more preferable choice as compared to murder.

Most recently, Baloch journalist, Shaheena Shaheen, was killed by her husband in an alleged honour killing. She was an artist and female rights activist who was killed in cold blood – Was following her passion for art and advocating for female rights that big of a crime that she just had to die?

In 2008, The Baba kot honour killings took place where 3 teenagers and 2 middle-aged women were kidnapped, beaten, and then fatally shot because they refused the tribal leader's marriage arrangements and wanted to marry men of their choosing. Was that so unacceptable that they had to be killed in such a cruel manner?

In 2009, Pashto singer, Ayman Udas, was killed by her own two brothers for pursuing music because her family saw this career as unfit for a woman. was following her passion for music so wrong that she had to be murdered at the hands of the brothers she grew up playing with?

But this is just a few of the many cases of honour killings in Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission estimates that about a 1,000 honour killings are carried out throughout Pakistan with 80% of the victims being women, in this patriarchal society of Pakistan, women's lives are structured through strict maintenance of an honour code, and if a woman fails to uphold that honour she is killed by her family members to restore that honour, the "izzat" of the family is harmed mostly when a woman tries to pursue a career or partner of her choosing.

This toxic superiority complex of men turns them into murderers. Initially, society is at fault for instilling such values in them at a young age, Successful women threaten men to the extent that they're driven to kill them all since there is such little tolerance of women being in power the worst part is that this occurs almost every day in small villages and towns when women try to break free of their cages - they are either oppressed or permanently silenced.

When Islam doesn’t even back such privilege how can the people in our society use Islam as an excuse to oppress women – by not allowing women access to education or allowing them to build professional careers for themselves society makes them totally dependent on men for survival, In the words of our beloved Prophet"it is the duty of every Muslim man and Muslim woman to acquire knowledge" then who are we to deny the equal opportunity of education to women? Islam's first-ever campaign was funded by the wealth of Hazrat Khadija with such a precedent, how can men claim "Aurat ki kamayi ma barkat nahin hoti?”

The male superiority complex is one of the biggest toxic traits of our society with the preference for boys being so strong and ingrainedthat it's rarely questioned. It's prevalent among all castes, economic classes, and genders. Hence when women do break the barriers and succeed they're highly underappreciated. It's so difficult and rare for a woman to succeed in a man's world so, when they do, everyone feels intimidated by them (To all those successful women out there, we see you queen! Keep doing you.)

I think it's time we change this hostile trend and end the suffering of women in Pakistan. If both parents and educational institutes work on changing the mindset of this generation, we can make this situation a whole lot better. We need to educate boys about the damages caused by a superiority complex, as they need to be taught to value women as human beings.

If over the coming years we all change the way society looks at women and educate people that we are just as important as men, Pakistan will have a chance for deep and permanent healing, for a less violent future, and genuine social progress.

Nawal Zia, is an O’levels student who is yet to find her place in the world, when she’s not busy with her hectic O’level schedule she’s rebelling against social injustices and binging serial killer documentaries,

She dreams of travelling the world one day and also runs a travel blog on Instagram @groovygirltales

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