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I Loved You, Husband - Amna Ashfaque

I loved you, husband I loved you, Husband Even when you said I shouldn’t study Cause you don’t need My money. You said I belong In the kitchen I should cook And clean for you Wash your clothes, too. What about me, Husband My dreams And ambition I was my father’s princess A hopeful dreamer So much to live for. I didn’t give you a child, Husband Please It’s not my fault Not under my control A child doesn’t make A woman whole. You still blamed me, Husband Don’t you know You could be barren too If you were I wouldn’t blame you. You came to me at night, Husband I said no I was tired I had cooked And cleaned all day You had your way Anyway. I love you anyway, Husband You’re just a victim Of society And patriarchy Male ego In its entirety.

Amna is an Insta poet and aspiring writer. Doctor in the making. Feminist hoping to make waves with her poetry.

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