I’m the Brighter Version of You!

In the heart of a mountain range, there was a small cave surrounded by thick black darkness. I was sitting in that cave with my head on my knees. Darkness removed the impression of myself; the image of my outer appearance was no more there in my brain. It became distorted and finally, diminished. I was unable to recognize my hands, my face and my other parts of my body. It felt like the inhaled air had trapped within the spaces in my lungs. I did not know why I was there and how I got there? I could not even figure out what was happening to me. I could not name the experience I was going through. I was struggling to think, to streamline my thoughts and to forge the picture out of diverged dots but my brain was totally numbed. It felt like something surreal was trying to manifest and show its existence, but, what was it? I could not name it.

Suddenly, a ray of light appeared, giving a streak to the darkness. It fell on my toes. I squeezed my body to avoid it but gradually, the magnitude of the light increased, and I saw a body approaching, from whom the light was emanating. A cold wave of horror squashed my stomach and I shook with fear. As soon as I stopped yelling, I felt tranquility which is mostly followed by a hurricane. I retreated my hands and slowly opened my eyes. There was a balance between darkness and light, making it bearable for me to open my eyes, and now everything was vivid to me. I could clearly see the persona of the figure standing in front of me but her features were blurred due to her enormous light. The coldness of horror was now replaced by the warmness of peace. The light body advanced her hand before me. My eyes were wide open and my mouth was ajar to witness the extreme beauty of that being. “Who is she? A divine being? No, she can’t be! How could she be! No human can ever see divine beings.” I tried to speak but she put her finger on my dry lips and came close to my ear and said, “Shhh…. come with me!” and grasped my hand and took me out of that cave in a blink. We together descended the mountain. Its crude surface was piercing my feet and the pain ceased me from going any further. She stopped, held both my hands and said politely, “Corporal pain should not stop you from undertaking this sacred journey. You are almost there. Now, Come!” I followed her quietly.

We arrived at the bottom, my feet sunk into the soft soil and wet grass, healing the pricking pain I experienced earlier.. The cozy breeze mixed with fragrance was soothing my lungs and purifying my blood. She put my hand into the currents of the stream. I could feel the flow. It was amazing! Though it was night, it seemed darkness was not dark to obstruct my vision or perhaps my vision had improved.. We sat adjacent to the stream. She put her arm around my shoulders, and a feeling of loving protection enveloped me. . I looked into the water and among the ripples a disfigured image transformed into a vivid image. I looked at our reflection in crystal clear water and to my astonishment, we were replicas of each other. I surprisingly asked her, “Who are you?” she smiled massively and gently whispered, “I am ‘Noor’, your soul----I’m the brighter version of you!”

Author Name: Rehmat Hafeez

Author Profile: Rehmat Hafeez is currently doing BS in English Literature. Through her creative work she loves to articulate feelings and inner impulses which human beings experience.

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