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I Recall: An Ode To Memories Past - Andale Seaworne

The years past are like yesterday

So close yet so far

A safe haven

A warm respite

The days of childhood I recall

To bring a smile on my face

To spread cheers all around

To be wary of my mischiefs and mistakes

And to know where I came from, and who I am

It’s strange how our childhood continues to thrive within us

Yet sometimes it doesn’t

I recall watching Dora all day with my close cousin

Learning counting, Ola, Gracias and Vamanos

Shouting where the castle is and screaming, “Swiper, no Swiping!”

As I grew up, Dora became blind to me

As she couldn’t see what’s in front of her

And I couldn’t see my cousin far from me

I recall bus rides to school

Fame was within my reach and my performance was anticipated……..

…………Vomiting everyday on my way to school

I still hear the audience’s voice rise with emotion as they witness the highlight of their day

Highlighted everyday

As I grew up, my body accepted that this world is turbulent, not stable

Round, not flat

Except when I ride up the mountains into the sky

Because my body believes that in order to reach such heights

Extra baggage is not allowed

I recall a 2-year-old being a great climber

That she hid all night from everyone during hide-and-seek

Watching the earth frantically looking for her

As she rested and gazed at the sky on the roof of her house

As I grew up, I still hid well

Not on top of houses and trees, but in lone corners of the house

Not hiding my body, but guarding my secrets from the earth

I recall a grumpy little self

With a selected circle of loved ones

Who despised everyone outside of it

Even a simple touch of a kind outsider,

Unleashed a tempest of a monster

As I grew up, I cut the ends of my circle

To allow everyone into my love

But the monster was dead

So anyone who wished to hurt me,

Didn’t need an invitation

I recall my attachment to my favorite movies

How Ice Princess lit up my spirit to swirl to my whims

To glide across the air so much I’d fly

As I grew up, my spirit still shines

On the dance floor, I dance

In the house, I dance

In the library, I dance………………..with my fingers

In my heart, the music never ends

I recall a toddler running away from my family, overflowing with rage

I recall being lost

All alone in the world

With strangers who took me to the police station

Where my family found me, overflowing with tears

As I grew up, I realized

No matter if the world rejects you, home is where you’re always welcome

Home is where you’re safe to be you

Home is where you belong

I recall birthdays and celebrations,

Where I dressed in an array of costumes

To celebrate acceptance of my gruesome self

And played with water balloons with family and friends

And slammed cakes all over myself and my friends

As I grew up, fashion and brands bloomed

Expensive dining took over

And people panicked over a little stain and a tiny pimple

I recall playing Hopscotch, Cricket, Football, Corner-Corner and Seven Stones

Where my friends and I meet up in casual clothes

Believing the day is not productive

If we returned home without sweat, stink and bruises

As I grew up, my friends grew up faster

They stopped playing games so I had to

They hated sweat so I had to

They became conscious of their stink and bruises so I followed

Yet they recall the ‘good old days’

I recall an 8-year-old who spent everyday with a smile on her face

Joyful on every joyous occasion, crying at every distressing situation

And wasn’t afraid to express herself a hundred percent

And appreciated every little thing

As I grew up, I am the same

Joyful on every joyous occasion, crying at every distressing situation

Still appreciating every little thing

Living the life of a 21-year-old

With the mind of a toddler


Everyone cherishes their childhood yet despises their adult life. That can be because in childhood, we’re able to brainstorm and follow our dreams, share wild ideas and have a tremendous amount of hope. Not all of our childish behavior should remain in adult life but the drive to live is what we need to protect and keep strong so that we can use these qualities to achieve the goals and dreams we weren’t able to then and make our lives and the lives of those around us better.

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My name is Andale Seaworne. I’m a regular 21 year old Muslim Pakistani girl navigating through life, sharing knowledge and opinion related to different topics in life from basic moral values with relevance to Islamic teachings to travelling, books, food, personal experiences, observations, interpretations and anything that comes to my mind.

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