#IAspireToBe - Letter by Alifya Yousuf

Updated: Jun 17

Dear Future Self

This is the perfect moment, where I can write to you, about you. You are at your peak, yet you are low. You have a dedicated mind yet, some roads are unknown. But before that, I will tell the tale of what I aspire to be in the future. I should tell you how you are holding up now.

You have a lot of dreams; you are curious about everything. You have enrolled yourself in an interior designing course, even though you have no clue about the subject itself. But mom has kindled the curiosity in me and yes, I would want a creative house in the future. You are dying to know how to paint, and for now, you paint horribly, but it hasn't stopped you from watching all those tutorial videos. Last but not the least, you are writing. Even after 6 years, for today you write. Participating in projects, doing courses to improve your writing, challenging yourself, and finally working on your Instagram writing page. Doing something new by making short videos and collaborations. Working on starting creative writing classes for kids. These are the two things you love: teaching and stories. In the future, don’t forget that and try doing it from all the different lenses. Your young self is a crazy dream, but this 19-year-old doesn't mind dreaming and trying out those dreams. The dream is to have a program or classes where kids can try different creative stories, poems and unleash their artistic side without any judgment, but just improvement.

With that being said, for tomorrow, I aspire that you don’t lose the person you are today. I hope this light of curiosity stays lit even in your dark times. I want you to keep working hard and tick those goals that are at the back of your diary because it's those small goals that have helped you achieve big steps. Steps you never thought you could take.

One major reminder - whoever you become tomorrow, I just pray that, that version of your future self would be honest, sincere, and kind with her work, words, and others. I would be more than happy to see you at your top mountain, but if that version of yourself has lost her true moral on the way, your younger self wouldn't be proud, but upset.


Your younger self.


Cover Image Courtesy: Lorelei Brooks

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