#IAspireToBe - Letter by Rida Younis

Dear younger Rida!

I want to let you know that I am proud of the woman you have become today. From losing your father early in your childhood to becoming a woman who became an inspiration for others to never stop dreaming, you have come a long way.

Remember the day you asked your dad to write the word engineering in Urdu for you in your secret diary because you didn’t know how to write it? I am so proud that ultimately you became an engineer. You have always pushed yourself more and more to achieve newer and exciting goals.

First, you thought you would get a position in FSc and you did that. You thought you would become an engineer and you did that. You thought you would appear in the CSS exam and you appeared, but Allah had other plans for you. Becoming a diplomat was your dream and you failed in that. But what makes me so proud of you is that despite falling, you dared to stand up again. You always have. You could not do engineering with flying colors, you could not clear the competitive exam, but here you are, standing high once again with new dreams.

What amazes me the most about you is that you never give up. No matter how much pain you are in, you always find a way out. You keep going, you keep trying to become a better version of yourself. You push things no matter if you have to crawl for that. The day you flunked CSS twice just because of luck, I thought that was the day you will give up. But I was awestruck that you started freelance writing the very next day after your result.

Dear younger me, you have much more worth than you may think you have. I have learned this the harder way, but never think less of you or that you are not good enough just because of some failures. Give respect to yourself because no one else will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. People love to gossip about failures, but never give them that satisfaction as you go on to achieve something even better.

Do I have any regrets about where I am today? No, I would keep walking the same path as you have if I get another chance at my life. Until we meet again!

With love,

Your older self

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