#IAspireToBe - Success Is Within You by Nabiha Rizwan

Here today, sitting in my garden, looking at the silent stars doesn't make me sad anymore, instead it makes me happy and peaceful. It wants me to share the journey from my old self to the new me.

Remembering my old self, I used to get dejected by looking at those stars. I've memories of those nights. After a regretful, hard day I used to sit in my garden, look at the stars and cry out loud. I had a lot of questions running through my mind.

What is success? How do I get it? Do I believe I'm worthy of it? How am I? How am I not?

My old self didn't have any answers to them but my new self says that, "Success is something within myself. Every time, when I breathe peacefully, it's my win, my success that makes me breathe peacefully. I am happy, I've accepted myself, I am now serene. The storm inside me has settled down.

What kind of storm I possessed inside myself, my heart, my brain, my subconscious? A storm of not being able to ACCEPT myself. Not being able to LOVE myself. A storm of competing with others. A storm with a lot more chaos of other things that made me bitter, annoyed, crazy, noisy within myself.

The kind of personality I had wasn't pleasant. Wanting to be like others never made me be myself. Admiring others never made me admire my own self. Being envious of someone's success never made me find my own success. Trying to feel myself how others wanted to never made me feel myself the way I wanted to. Life wasn't going well. Nothing was okay. Every time, I wanted to scream out loud and shed tears. What was it? What was annoying me? I didn't have any answers to these thoughts. Slowly but steadily experiencing and dealing with people made me realize how this world works! How does life go on! which helped me build my new self.

No one from this entire world is perfect. Neither you nor me, not even the person I or you admire!! Because PERFECTION DOESN'T EXIST. So be yourself, bring the best out of yourself. Trust yourself and no one else. Accept yourself the way you are. The reality is that nobody even cares about how you are? How is your life going? The only thing each of us care about is our own selves. No one here is even loyal to you. Only YOU have to be loyal to yourself. Do justice to your talents, competencies, your skills. Trust me you're a gem. Let the whole world make noise. You just have to be calm. Whenever someone tries to pull you down just make them quiet. "SHAH,I TRUST MYSELF" should be your inner voice. Get the blindfold off and look at the world. Nobody even bothers to think about you, your life, your choices. Everybody is busy with their own businesses. So why do you have to run behind this selfish world? Make the world run behind you!

Never ever get upset if you fail instead, accept your failure ,improve it. There's nothing bad about it because "Fault lies with man".

The journey from my old self to my new self was tough though helpful. It helped me in loving myself, helped me in living life for myself. You should also love yourself. You'll feel like a free bird out of the cage, breathing peacefully like how I feel now. The memories of my old self don't annoy me anymore. Yeah this feeling is really awesome. Living the best of my life, loving the stars and creating good memories.

Life is just too short to enjoy. Live for yourself.

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