If Feminism Was A Product

Updated: Jul 30

Hi, are you a young 21st-century woman who is tired of society telling women what to do?


Are you a young 21st-century man who thinks even in this garmi women need to chill?

Do any of you ever feel like feminism is a waste of time and just a useless western notion?

Well, well, well let me introduce you to feminism. A new product from the marketplace of ideas, which with its new and improved formula can help reduce ignorance by 30% with each dose.

Not convinced?

Well then let me tell you more.

Feminism has many advantages. First and the most important one is that feminism can provide women with basic human rights, privacy, bodily autonomy, the right to consent, and more.

With feminism, not just women, but men as well can be liberated from gender norms and toxic ideologies, which may or may not lead to mental health issues.

With feminism, you will be able to have a positive environment in a society where women and men aren't judged, but accepted in public spaces and given the right to get their voice heard. This will help create new ideas, reduce sexism, and help create a safe environment for young girls and boys.

But no products come without their disadvantages and the only disadvantage of feminism is that after buying this product you might feel like people who hold no importance in your life and aren't even educated enough to hold an opinion over you would start criticizing you and even slandering you over just the purchase and use of this product.


Because this product threatens their ideologies and control over society. Who are these people you may ask?

Well, they can include people ranging from extremist uncles to hypocritical aunties, but trust me it is a very wide spectrum of people.

Now as you know all of this. What are you waiting for? Christmas...

Go ahead and purchase feminism now and see how it changes your life. You can purchase feminism for the small price of educating yourselves and, not just that, with feminism, you can gain equality and escape from the shackles of toxic masculinity, ALL FOR FREE.


Umamah Asif Burney is an in-house writer at Perspective.

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