Ishq Cha Ahe

Updated: Jun 20

Ishq cha ahe? Alhai marhun ahin jeke ishq mein phenjo wajood wisri weenda ahin. Sainsdan chawan tha ishq andho hundo ahe, ain mard khe trae mahinan mae pyar thyo wanjhe jadhan ta aurat khe hikro mahino ba mushkil san. Ajkal taufa dyarn, marhun je wich pyar jo izhar karar khe sacho ishq manjho wanjhe tho.

Ishq ta uhoahe jeko zaal kare thi phenje murs san, ain unjo har haal mein sath dhe thee. Ishq ta uho ahe jadhen mard phenji pet wari mai jo khayal kare ain ka kami na chade unji sahulat mein. Ishq uho ahe jadhen maa phenji puri jaan lagae, phenjo baar peda kare seeny san lagae rohe.

Harn ta jadhen ba ishq jo naalo chayo wanjhe tho unsan ka galat soch ya lafz haram chayo tho wanje. Asanje Nabi sagore chayo ahe humesha byan mae sutho diso, badle jo na mafi ain darguzar jo socho. Allah ain unje nabi khan wadheek pyar karar waro kon he. Po achan tha ama ain baba, unhan jo dil torar khan pehri hazar dafa socho par ha phenjo haq watharn la sabar san wehi samjhayo. Eho ahe ishq, gulab, taufa, zewar kujh nahe. Izat ain samajh ishq ahe.


What is love? There are people who forget their existence for love. Scientific research says love is blind as it shutdowns all the logical thinking when one is with their loved one. Another research says men fall in love in three months and as for women, they take barely a month.

This generation's love is gifts and the grand expression in public.

The love is between a married couple, a woman doing everything possible for her man. The love is when a man takes care of his pregnant woman and does everything to make her comfortable. Love is when a woman becomes a mother of a newborn and brings that blessing from her inside to birth and cries while holding that newborn.

Nowadays when word love is mentioned in any conversation, people say haram and critic anyone who is truly in love. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says, see the best in others. Rather than revenge seek forgiving.

No one is going to love you more than Allah and our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and then come our beloved parents who never leave us in any situation. Always think twice before doing anything which will hurt your parents but don't forget to make them understand and let you do what you rightfully deserve. All these gifts and flowers are sure beautiful and luxurious but real love is an understanding and respect.

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