It is good if all personal information is online!?!?


It is good if all personal information is online because people will not be able to conceal anything about themselves anymore.

Consider the above statement. What do you think about it? Would you argue in favor or against it? Let’s try visualizing what would it look like. All the bits and pieces of your personal information, ranging from your mobile number to shopping preferences, from your courses at the university to your debit card number, are floating online, accessible to everyone for viewing, judging, and exploiting. Would you like that to happen? No, right? It is a threat to one’s privacy and an invasion of one’s personal space.

But, let me draw your attention to the considerably assertive nature of the following phrase in the first half of the above statement: all personal information (or at least a great deal of it) is online. Your information “from government and public records, […] and private commercial sources […] when combined with the information you’ve already given on Facebook, through your profile and your clicks,” writes Caitlin Dewey, the digital culture and technology writer for Washington Post, “you end up with what is arguably the most complete consumer profile on earth.” [1] Try running a quick google search for yourself and you, like me, might end up realizing “the impossibility of privacy in the online age,” which, according to Dr. Elias Aboujaoude, is “a critical side effect of the Internet Revolution.” [2]