Kindness Explained

Updated: Jun 17

My pen speaks of kindness today, it wants to write

Kindness is a soft word of mouth.

A hand to hold,

To listen a story untold:

Kindness refers to a feeling of the heart and a sensation of the soul

A heartfelt care

A piece you share

A prayer that is whispered

A hug that prompts a whimper

Kindness is like a morning greeting, like sunlight it meets

The color pink- a lamp that blinks

Kindness is a blanket of love

A glue that bonds

A broken relation

Kindness is like a shadowy tree,

In summers, it resembles a popsicle

A smile at a stranger, to help those in danger

Kindness is a minuscule of hope,

Just like a dew drop.

Kindness is a powerful form of compassion,

A way to connect, a journey of passion

Kindness is like a bright light,

Where darkness reigns with sadness, suffering and pain.

Kindness lies in the chirping of birds

Kindness is like a heart that beats

It is a warmth, always sweet

Kindness is like a word on paper,

Ink in a pen

Kindness lies in the laughter of a child,

the way he walks, the way he sings.

Kindness lies in a feeling of love

It lies in the white color of a dove

Kindness means to never give up

Kindness means to never let down

My pen speaks of kindness today,

It is a circle of life that goes on and on.


I am more of a soul and less of a body, my name is Noor Khawaja. I am a writer, a professor, and a visual artist by profession with a background in arts, design, and culture. A graduate of the National College of Arts, currently writing for many international anthologies.

For me writing is food for my soul, it is a connection that is built up when I place my pen on paper. I belong to Baluchistan and am on a hunt to explore God’s world.

Social media handles

Instagram: @noorz_Pen

Instagram: @noorkhawajank

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