Letter to Mulan

Updated: Jun 8

Dear Mulan,

Maybe your reflection didn't show who you were inside, but you reflected representation for young girls everywhere. Society is often a maze of mirrors for women, and only those that fit the standard are able to navigate. You showed us that it was okay to smash the glistening limitations of conventional gender norms & beauty for a life where the greater good is prioritized. You showed me that women could be just as strong as men, and that strength originated more from the ability to persevere and adapt rather than brute force. You showed us that it's important to fight for what we believe in - that it's worth risking it all to fight our own metaphorical Huns, and make sure that our own negative internalization listens to us as we take on this journey. You showed us that it's better to be ourselves instead of force ourselves into boxes - that it will eventually lead to greater fulfillment.


Ummama Imran


Ummama Imran is a student at KGS who is passionate about writing poetry and voicing concern for issues our society faces. Her Instagram handle is @ummama_imran

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