Letter to Samantha Sweeting

Updated: Jun 8

Dear Samantha Sweeting,

Efficiently being a workaholic with a drive to chase your dreams was my favorite thing when I picked this novel, ‘The Undomestic Goddess’, to be in my little room of knowledge. I saw myself in your character as soon as I discovered that you are also driven to chase your dream, being a partner at a law firm.

Samantha, a highly profound Cambridge educated lawyer at a firm, has an IQ of 158. Her dream is to be a partner in a law firm, for which she works day and night until she makes a mistake that is so huge that it will wreck her career. Not knowing what will happen next, she just leaves everything and picks the first train available, ending up going to a place where she stops to get a glass of water and is mistaken for being a candidate for a job interview. She ends up getting a job as a housekeeper. A Cambridge-educated lawyer who does not even know how to boil water and to use an oven finds love and experiences a totally new world. The character abundantly shows that sometimes you merely have to move on despite knowing the results or what will happen next.

This character inspires you in many ways, proving that sometimes it is enough to know what you are going to do next instead of having a full view of where you are going. You just need to slow down and find your own self and the inner peace that makes you happy. “A mistake isn’t a mistake unless it can’t be put right” concludes the message of the book.

- Aafeefa Ahmed Saeed

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