Letter To The Quaid

Updated: Jun 8

Dear Sir,

I would like to begin by offering my sincerest apologies on behalf of the nation. Indeed, it takes the best of men; brave, visionary, and prudent, to bring about a revolution of a scale as massive. In the darkest of times, you led us to the rays of hope, and we brought upon us, the same destruction that you rid us of.

I am a great admirer of yours. But I believe I will hold my admiration and reverential parlance for now, since I have a lot to be thankful for, and more to be apologetic for.

Our hypocrisy got the best of us. We were preoccupied with personal motives and establishing hereditary politics. We abased you, my sir. Not explicitly with our vituperations, but with our actions. With our Janus-faced and hypocritical actions. Some of us did go far enough to denounce you, to question you; your faith, and your religion. We could not understand you. You were ahead of your time. We questioned your intentions, your initiatives, and your bona-fides. We cast aspersions on your reputation.

Your entire struggle was in the name of Islam, your founding this country was for us to practice Islam, the Islam, which gave aegis to all at the conquest of Makkah, the Islam who treated even the prisoners of war with the utmost kindness. We included Islam in Pakistan’s name, but unfortunately, not in the modus-operandi.

Your resolute for our country was recognized and praised by your friends and enemies alike. You regarded us all as one, regardless of our ethnicity or religion. We, however, grew to suppress our fellow countrymen. We created an identity within an identity. We united ourselves within our kinship and relied on patronage to progress. We forgot the core values of unity, faith, and discipline.

You dedicated your life to the mission of Pakistan, and we failed you, terribly. I would understand if your disappointment does not sanction for you to accept our apology, for we really have nothing to show that would speak for our bonafide.

However, as a generation that is coming to power with the gradual turn of the wheel, I promise you, I will work to the fullest of my capacity to help the state, to help the people, and to incorporate into the country, the Islam which is not challenged by the Christians going to churches, or by the Hindus praying in their temples, or by women asking for their rights.

Dear Quaid, I hope you find it in you to forgive your nation. If nothing else, then, for the sake of this day in 1940, where you displayed irrevocable support for the creation of a separate Muslim state. Although, in retrospect, we might not be able to forgive ourselves, or we should not be.

With respect, love, and apologies,

A Concerned Citizen.

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