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My journey as an author - Shivangi

I’ve frequently been asked of when and how I decided to become an author. It surely wasn’t a spontaneous decision or a sudden idea. I had always been an avid reader, taking refuge in books when the outside world became overwhelming to deal with. When kids of my age group would be playing various games at the playground, I would calmly read my favorite storybooks for hours on end. My hypersensitive nature would get wounded easily and so, I started using books as props to avoid painful social encounters. I became the proverbial wallflower who remained shy and excluded in loud social gatherings. Still, I wasn’t one that wished to shine in the spotlight or be the belle of the ball. My bashful, introverted soul would always look for the warm confines of a library which radiated comfort. When I entered University, I lessened my reticent behavior to make new friends with similar interests and life goals. My new found revelation was that people in college were more open-minded and far less judgmental than kids in high school. They provided you with the absolute freedom to be yourself and rooted for your dreams selflessly.

Though my teachers always praised me for my meticulous writing skills, it was the unadulterated praise of my peers that propelled me to a writing career. My friends would always say that one day I would become a writer due to my ability to understand human behavior exceptionally well along with the intellectual wherewithal to express it poetically. They goaded me to start writing in the romance genre as they firmly believed that the world needed more love stories. Writing pieces on romance always gave me immense pleasure. I believe there's nothing quite like that feeling in the world. We hate to admit it but we all need love, don't we? After all, it makes the world a better place to live in. That's why I shall continue writing love stories for as long as I am to live. Today, I share this tale to relive the simplicity of my childhood days. Back then, I was an ordinary kid with frizzy hair who loved reading books more than anything as a way to escape reality. No one knew that one day, the girl with hordes of books will become a writer. Perhaps, our wildest dreams might take roots in our childhood. The trick is to nurture them with all your efforts to transform those dreams into reality.  

Shivangi is an Assistant Professor of English and an award-winning romance novelist with six books to her credit. She specialises in Gender Studies, South Asian Literature and British romanticism. She enjoys reading and horseback riding.

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