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Naughty Girl and the Jungle (retold by Faryal Q. Khan)

The story depended on the number of people/children present in the room. Usually it was me and my sister. And it was loosely based in Hansel and Gretel! 

So the story started with two children, playing outside their house. The naughtier younger sibling decides to go into the woods and hide. The other one realises that her sister is missing so she starts looking around. 

She finds her sister’s shoe near one of the trees and decides to follow the path. The small sister keeps giggling and keeps running deeper and deeper into the woods. The other one follows the sounds and keep calling her sister’s name. But the giggling sound gets farther and farther away. Meanwhile, the naughty sister finds a small cottage. She decides to go inside and upon finding an old curtain, hides behind it. 

Suddenly the cottage gets dark. The young girl gets scared. She hears a door opening… 


Out of fear, she begins to sob. Suddenly the curtain moves and she sees an old lady staring back at her with her black beady eyes. The old woman grabs her and locks her in a cage. She starts singing in her old raspy voice.

 “I am going to have a lovely dinner tonight!” 

 The little girl screams for help, calling out for her sister but alas, she is left disappointed and scared. The old woman is feeding her with cakes and candies; all the while singing about how she will have a lovely dinner that night. She is preparing a big pot full of hot bubbling water! 

*pop* *pop* 

She is stirring and singing and stirring and stirring! Suddenly the door opens with a loud bang. A man is standing there .. The witch gets startled and falls into the big cauldron. The elder one emerges from behind the man and rushes towards her small sister. That man was their father. When the elder one couldn’t find her sister, she ran back home and explained the situation to him. The younger sister promises never to be naughty again. 

Cover image from: artstation.com

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