Letter To Dominic Toretto

Updated: Jun 8

Dear Toretto,

Growing up I was never that fond of cars, probably because I was a girl and was taught that cars were for boys. I don't think I ever imagined that something that would make me fall in love with fast cars would also end up teaching me life's greatest lessons. The thrill I got watching you and your family drive is mystifying. I would be jumping on my bed at every swerve the car took. I wanted to feel that too; the air rushing past my face, blowing my hair. The adrenaline coursing through my veins as I drifted through the streets I'd learn to call home. I fell in love with the thrill I thought was going to be the highlight of my life. But then I saw myself adapting a bit more than just your love of cars. You see, I'm the kind of person that unintentionally picks up the habits of people I connect to. I connected with you through your love for cars.

But I also ended up learning 3 more life lessons from you. First was that, family isn't just by blood; but also the friends that become my ride or die. Second was that you never turn your back on family even when they do. Because family is family. They don't hurt you on purpose, sometimes they are unaware, other times they don't have a choice. You don't turn your back on them because you know that they'll come right back and you'll know why, in that moment, they did what they did. And lastly, it doesn't matter how many mistakes I make or how far I wander down the wrong road, I can turn back and head down the right road. Knowing perfectly well that i'll have my family right by my side, loving me no matter what.

The people who introduced me to your world are now my chosen family, my ride or die. So this one to you Toretto! For teaching me the most valuable lessons in life. Things that I now live by and continue to make me a better person everyday. Thank you for being a part of my life and family, I'm forever grateful to you.


The girl living life a quarter-mile at a time.


Baneen Wasaya is a 20-year-old student, pursuing a degree in Psychology at SZABIST. She hopes to become an accomplished psychologist one day. She's also a lifestyle blogger, a writer, and a certified makeup artist.

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