Letter to Harry Potter

Updated: Jun 8

Dear Harry Potter

We comprehend your oblivion to the reason of your fame. Individuals in the Wizarding world honored to meet you, to see your scar, to converse with you. We understand your disarray as you meet individuals of any age who respect you, yet you don't have any acquaintance with them by any stretch of the imagination. You are unconscious of your own abilities as we all are in our adolescence. When you first stepped in the magical world at the Leaky Cauldron, eyes turned to look at The Boy Who Lived. They shook your hand vigorously and thought that their lives had been blessed as they met, in person, the most famous wizard of their time. How you must have felt! Excitements of your life took off as you became the youngest seeker of the century. Your life was my fantasy. You made me fall in love with books and fantasy novels. You don't know your parents yet you miss them. Your loneliness has been acknowledged. We all feel lonely at times and desperately wish that someone would understand us, tell us that it is okay to be different. Well, you also had your professors as your mentors who showed you the right path. Trust me! Having a mentor beside you is the greatest blessing you can have in your mortal life. Your curiosity to unveil concealed certainties makes you perhaps the greatest wizard. You battled the man who individuals dread to try and look in the eye without flinching. Your gallantry is regarded. Where it counts in your heart, you had a frightened inclination that you may be the Heir of Slytherin and as children we all have the fear to become something that the society would disapprove. Indeed, your heroism is respected. You made a dear friend at Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory, but within months you lost him to cruel fate. Of course, there are some things that are not in your control. The dreadful meeting with HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED shook your insides. With your biggest fear staring you in the face, you battled with it bravely and emerged victorious, though the loss of Cedric cannot be ignored. We all lose some dear friends at some point in life, but remember that you have Hermoine and Ron beside you. Your friendship is something we all look up to. Sometimes we have to make small sacrifices for the greater good. Your eight years of an adventurous ride through the tunnels of secrets that were buried in the dungeons of Hogwarts is a treat for my soul.

Yours truly,

A passionate potterhead

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