Letter to Kashaf (Zindagi Gulzar Hai)

Updated: Jun 9

Dear Kashaf

"Life hasn't ended yet; the only difference is that now I write fewer complaints to Allah in my diary." Did something click in your mind reading these lines? Any hard-core Pakistani drama lovers! I am sure you will get this right. She is Kashaf Murtaza from Pakistan's hit serial "Zindagi Gulzar Hai." This character influenced me back in my teenage, but at this phase of life, I realized what really inspired me in kashaf.

Her character portrays a high head lady with strong integrity, straight forward approach, graceful appearance, but is hopelessly pessimistic. Because of the unjust behavior faced by her mother, Kashaf gave up on positivity and harmony towards others. The bitterness she confronted becomes part of her tone. She doesn't even believe in love and trust anymore.

In television dramas, we always have this ritual of seeing a frightened, shy lady empowered by arrogant men, always ready to sacrifice despite all the conspiracy and hatred she faced. I really can't digest this unrealistic approach. There are phases in which we are fade up from putting fake smiles on our faces and want to hit back at all those who did wrong to us.

And I saw this role of kashaf breaking the stereotype of a shy, forgotten woman with zero self-respect and courage to stand for her own. We saw her dignified persona having high aims of being a reputable CSS officer, serving her family and nation in parallel with the male chauvinist society. What I like most about her is her unapologetically honest upfront. She knows her rights and fulfills her responsibility in a dignified manner.

But with all these achievements and honor, she lacks one thing. As she carelessly believes that Allah has no good plans for her or He only gives blessings to wealthy ones who even don't deserve this. She always has a long list of complaints and grievances to show Allah that she is so unlucky and deprived of His blessings.

This agony made her void of expressing sentiments towards her loved ones.

Then Kashaf's journey took a shift where she felt the love of Allah for her that how much He cared for her in every difficult situation. Her weakness of belief in Allah's compassion proved wrong as He always paved her path for all the goodness.

Kashaf is much proud of being raised by a single parent with such bravery still, is afraid of repeating the same history of her mother. She realizes the story behind this rationale that the life of single women is a difficult journey. She is the one who is always reluctant to surrender does make sacrifices for her future.

There is so much in this character to love, get inspired, and to relate, being a traditional eastern woman. Kashaf's transformation from being a harsh complainer to a grateful soul praises whatever life offered her summed up the bitter-sweet reality of this world.

- Aatqa Ali

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