Letter to Mothers of Daughters

Updated: Jun 9

Dear Mothers of Daughters,

You promote essential life lessons about education, marriage, and belief in Allah (s.w.t) by the way you deal with countless obstacles in your lives. You embody a challenging role which we can observe through Rafia from “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”, mother to three daughters who broke a number of stereotypes. Living in an environment where the social priority is to wed daughters as soon as maturity is observed, Rafia dares the circumstances to provide her children the best education despite external factors that derive from the people around her. Prioritising boys over girls in higher education is a common social phenomenon as we still grant the higher authority to the male of the family. However, you must stand up against all odds to support your daughters in academics.  The unique upbringing and values instilled in Rafia's daughters caught my attention as they were admired by their fellow peers and professors. 

It’s a fairytale to see long silky hair and a flawless smile on the screen that illustrates a false reality. However, the main characters in this novel depict simple and ordinary women who gain immense amounts of respect through their education and hardworking personalities.  To be confident in the notion that, “...Humari alaa taleem hi humara zevar hain..." Rafia’s daughter, Kashaf, delivers this statement to clarify how their strongest asset is what they have instilled through gaining knowledge. To be able to understand the importance of being qualified and educated is the key to success. No amount of wealth can be greater than education.

Allah Tawakal is trusting in God’s plan and reliance on Him alone.  Despite the never-ending obstacles the mom and daughters faced, the mother encouraged them to stay positive.  This would result in an unimaginable outcome. It changed my perception about life, and allowed me to reflect upon myself and fall to my creator. A favor that comes from any person comes with expectations of return and excess gratitude. The Almighty gives in abundance without any dues. Marriage is an essential part of the Muslim faith;

therefore I believe women should be wed on the basis of their merit and deserve a suitable partner. Having financial crisis and negligence from a husband and a father can deeply impact your way of living. “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” is a motto for the upper class. The success we acquire with hard work is in comparison spoon fed to the elite class. The luxurious lifestyle led by individuals who are privileged is the long awaited destination for the hardworking citizens.  When you begin to perceive the missing parts of the puzzle it encourages you to complete it.


Shanza Danish


Shanza Danish is a mother of three who resides in California. She is an active member of the Muslim Children of North American (MCNA) Program.

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