About the Book

Ahmed - a privileged young man born into a world of exquisite dinner parties at the large estates on the outskirts of Lahore, bound to a political legacy that he wants nothing to do with. In a city where status is everything and social stability is craved by many and achieved by few, he simply wanders, his motorcycle and Marlboro being the only constants in his life. Ahmed’s life is plagued by demons that are as real as the grey, ever-present clouds of smog that blanket the city, obscuring the sins of its people.

Seher - a modern-day Cinderella who is decreed to marry a man she could never love, smothered by the norms and values of her cramped house in the cramped village of Zaleembad, a few miles away from the city that is home to the rich upper-class, a class that represents greed, hypocrisy and the lust for power. After losing her faith in the opposite gender, Seher is determined never to let herself depend on anyone.

The two meet under the most unlikely circumstances, and what unfolds is a story of love, hate, and everything in between. The tragic events that follow their meeting make you wonder. Does everyone really want to be saved?

Below is a short excerpt from the first chapter of the book. Enjoy reading!

He was a monster. Today was one of those days when he felt as if he was corrupting the very air around him, and it had nothing to do with the acrid smoke that he was expelling through his lips. He felt like he was destroying everything around him because of the thoughts that were running through his head, and the opinions he held about the world after twenty three years of being stuck in the battle that was his life.

Ahmed’s attention was soon drawn towards a little girl sitting on a swing a few yards away, her dark brown hair blowing around her face as she pumped her legs back and forth. She would squeal in joy as she swung forward, her face lighting up with one of those smiles that could only be seen on a child, hopeful and genuinely happy with the world around her. He forced his gaze away then, hating himself because he had been staring at a five or six year old, something he judged those disgusting child predators for with a passion. It shocked him how they could live with themselves, but here he was doing the same thing.

But then as his eyes landed on the girl’s mother who was sitting a few meters away, he reminded himself that he, unlike the predators felt no desire to be intimate with that little girl; in fact he envied her. He could feel a faint hatred towards her simmering in his veins at that very moment. Why was it that that littl