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Updated: Jun 20

Midnight blues

Hope lingering in our souls

Latching on like a parasite

Opening the closed doors

Enchanting the world with its light

I fulfill my plight

Maybe we give up too soon

While turning pages

Of the new chapters

Maybe our grief is what defines us

Our vision is too limited to see beyond the skies

To see past our scars

The countless nights spent in isolation

With haunting shadows of trauma

Maybe we shouldn’t bury our past

But wear it;

Like a bright, shining armor

That protects us from the evil

That befalls us


The eyes from which I see

The magnificent beauty of the earth

The aura so reminiscent

Covers the soul, that searches for an escape

In search of love, I waver the streets

My wayward soul, that reaches out to the world

The scent of the rose

Wind and the gleaming sunshine

That befalls the heavenly sand

Revitalizes the emotions that were caged

The sparkles hidden behind the clouds

Leading to the pavement of a new day

Content with the touch of petals

My heart ultimately settles

Synthetic Hymns playing on the creek Going through the mountain streams Carrying hope and sugary sweets The salt glistening on the seas Gulping over the deeds Of indigenous needs The lava that survives the cold breeze Of inhumanity and corruption Found in the pieces of coal In the redness of its veins The crystals pure like a new born baby Shining in the full moon With stars that recuperate from guilt And conspire in the vastness of the sky On the micro land that provided me food My eyes are too restricted To see beyond the blues

Cover Photo Credit: Wallace Chuck


Hamna Bilal successfully published her first poetry book “The Unborn Ocean” in December 2017. She has featured in various magazines such as Smash (PK) and Adventure She magazine(UK). Apart from that she has appeared as a guest speaker at Lahore Grammar School on the Alumni Fair. She has been a critique judge for poetry at Lahore University of Management Sciences (Adab Mela). She has also donated her first poetry book to the International Centre for Pakistani Writing in English Kinnaird College and in 2020 appeared as a guest on The Author’s Show (US). Recently, she started hosting her own podcast on Spotify as "creativity by HamnaBilal".

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