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Privilege - Sana Shahzad

When you say, My Privilege does not define me. 

You forget about the stage that you are standing on.

All eyes on you.

Wandering eyes, shiny new toys, all for our golden boy.

People expecting you to succeed. 

Golden boy tells me ‘Male privilege is a myth’ 

Tell me, Have you ever thought about being forced to carry your rapists child? . 

When I ask you what your biggest fear is walking home late at night you tell me its your wallet and in the same breath you tell me we are one and the same.

Money cannot buy happiness right? But it can buy Privilege. 

Economic Privilege is not having to worry about being able to afford three meals a day, but its also so much more than that.

Its having your top pick of restaurants. 

Will be it fast food today or perhaps something healthier? 

Its having the luxury to complain about the air-conditioning not working properly. I mean its 45 degrees outside how are we meant to survive without air-conditioning right? 

When we say, Our Privilege does not define us.

We neglect the millions who have truly defied all odds. 

We fail to acknowledge the opportunities the world has given us. 

We become complacent. 

Your Privilege does define you. Do Something Meaningful with it. Make it Count.

Sana Shahzad is a currently a law student at the LSE. She is also a writer and an activist who aims to use her writing to spread awareness and bring change.

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