Relationships: Haqeeqi & Mijazi

Updated: Jun 18

The perspective of maintaining a relationship nowadays has been enveloped in sharing day-to-day conversations, meetups, and all the modern ways that one can think of. What we resist in a relationship is the feeling of being caged. We wish to be something akin to a free bird, a pigeon, flying high, embracing the wide-open sky, and playing with the colors of all the wonderful and awful places (read: relationships) we come across.

However, this is not always the case, is it? Sometimes our relationships bring us down to our knees too. And, this, I feel, makes a relationship strong. Exchange of love and seeing each other don’t guarantee that the relationship will continue on the highway of eternity. Because this requires commitment and belief. I believe two believers can make a healthy relationship. Belief, in oneself and in each other, is the sole thing that allows us to welcome what comes across in a relationship with open arms.

Believers of the Haqeeqi or the mijazi, both make a relationship of eternal destiny. In fact, I am always in awe of how the Haqeeqi and the mijazi relationships run hand in hand. A relationship with the Haqeeqi will pour all the charm into your heart to be a mijazi lover. And the mijazi desire will bring you to the court of the Haqeeqi so as to bless you, immeasurably. The Haqeeqi relationship guides your mijazi relationship and the mijazi relationship, in turn, allows you to witness the depth of the love of the Haqeeqi, the only true lover who blesses His lovers with the love of one another so that they may return to Him with hearts full of gratitude.

Both our Haqeeqi and mijazi relationships require us to endure through a tunnel of trials and tribulations. Both will demand whatever is dear to you. Both the relationships resemble a wall decorated beautifully with flowers, but what goes into achieving that beauty is only known by those who invest themselves into these relationships, only they know the thunderstorms and the heavy rains that these walls had to endure in order to acquire the beauty and radiance that they give off. Only they know the sabar that goes into cultivating these relationships. It’s hard work, and why it shouldn’t be? If you seek eternity, you will have to go deep down into the river and inhale it wholly.

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