Updated: Jun 19

The lonely wanderer steps off the pedestal

He circles the parameters in search for a loving gaze

Confidence to sweep away his sorrow

He wanted an anchor to keep his feet from swaying

Unaware, the heart of the archer yearned for a savior

Like a broken radio, he wished to be fixed

He repeated verses until they drilled into his metallic heart

Love me, love me not, hurt me regardless

The twisted veins positioning his body upright

He stared into the abyss with his dazed appeal

Aphrodite herself was afraid giving love to such a man

He may taint the name of love itself

His heart ached for someone to show him his worth

Little did he know, no one could fix him if not himself

So he reached for the tools hidden beneath his ivory skin

And bled while he pulled them out one by one

The broken man now resembling a tattered scarecrow

His crimson covered gaze showed resentment

Still, he found the will to clean up the mess he made

The mess he made of himself and his fate

And so, Frankenstein started to grow his own skin

One that embraced his existence with warmth

Life was too limited to wait on someone else to save you

If you were to survive in this wilderness,

You needed to prove yourself as your own asset

The sculpted boy learned to pave his own path

Instead of venturing a path he may crumble upon

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