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Updated: Jul 22

In the era of social media, where there are pretty pictures, aesthetic vacations photos, and cool stories everywhere, everyone strives to find a better partner or somehow strives to fit in the glinting hashtag of relationship goals. But the reality is too different. Every relationship has its ups and downs. We cannot give a perfect formula like mathematics that can give an exact solution. Our psychology, perspective, upbringing, circumstances, and grooming influence us a lot. And these factors somehow influence the bond that we share. It is crucial to respect your partner’s boundaries, opinions, and goals wholeheartedly and with honesty. But at the same time, try to maintain your individuality. It's important that both the individuals compromise for each other but try never to give up on your true identity.

Continuing to grow together and putting energy into the relationship along with maintaining mental and physical health should be the biggest goal of a healthy relationship. Following are the few signs of a healthy relationship. Check them and decide what kind of alterations you need to make to strengthen your relationship. MUTUAL RESPECT You both respect each other. Your opinions and goals matter to them. There is mutual respect and understanding for each other's boundaries. They respect you with words, actions, and behaviors. GOOD COMMUNICATION Good communication acts like a glue that binds a relationship tightly. This is clear and open communication about each other's feelings, needs, insecurities, and dreams without any fear of judgment. Moreover, there is no concealment about anything. You both are a haven for each other. TRUST AND HONESTY The partners trust each other spiritually, physically, and mentally. They not only trust each other's strong characteristics. But also have empathy and consideration for each other’s weak attributes. Try to build a strong bridge of trust and honesty. It is going to help in the longer run. Lies and deception are only going to cause stress and feeling of betrayal. Do not hide behind lies, or it will make your relationship weak and ugly.

KINDNESS "Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Jackie Chan Kindness in any form softens the heart and compels individuals to do things that they will not do otherwise. The partners not only have a kind attitude towards each other daily, but on rough days they give each other space- to mend their ways. Be thoughtful about your partner’s needs, and assist them as much as possible. BOUNDARIES We cannot agree with anyone for our whole life. There will be a time when there is a clash of opinions, ideas, or goals. You may not want what your partner desires. In such a situation, it is not advisable to coerce someone to withdraw from their desire/ goals or take a certain course of action. In a healthy relationship, you respect your partner’s differences. You both should communicate and look for the best possible way that is beneficial for both.

COMMITMENT The partners are sincere with each other. There is no space for any third individual. You are connected spiritually and serious about making a better future together. You both act differently when together. Any third individual has no extra access. And no one can pollute the bond you both share. YOU ARE NOT INSECURE One of the most important signs of a healthy relationship is that you are not insecure. You truly trust them and their actions. What's the point if you are insecure all the time about what they are up to, or what if they leave you.

In a healthy relationship, even if you are miles apart, you both have blind trust and are not insecure about their mingling with others. THOUGHTFULNESS The partners are thoughtful of each other's needs. They are mindful of each other's wants and opinions. The more thoughtful you are about each other, the more kindness, care, and trust will bloom in your relationship.

FORGIVENESS Life is not a bed of roses. We all have our ups and downs, and sometimes we unintentionally take actions or decisions that may harm our relationships and repute. In a healthy relationship, you have the guts to ask for forgiveness, accept your mistake, tell the truth and be mindful next time. If your partner asks forgiveness, you listen to their perspective, understand their situation and give them space. But be mindful that they may not exploit you later. AFFECTION Affection is the heat that can melt even rocks. This affection does not essentially need to be romantic. Little actions of care can make a big difference. You both show each other small gestures of affection like giving a present, words of affirmation, assisting in work, or a light touch. This may help a lot in springing the affection in the relationship. VALIDATION You both feel validated in the presence of each other. When with them, you are not insecure about your appearance, mental health, or job. You feel validated, empowered, and happy. They accept you as you are. Acceptance is one of the fundamental keys to a healthy relationship. EQUALITY You consider each other as equal, important, and complete human beings. The partners have the realization that the way their goals, opinions, and dreams matter to them. Similarly, their partner also has some goals that they are conscious about. They take decisions on mutual agreement.

And it's not like one dominant partner leading everything without the consent of the other.

COMPROMISE Kindness, care, respect all are crucial. But compromise is a component that strengthens your relationship to a greater extent. Of course, this compromise should not be on your individuality. Both the partners put efforts to eliminate any dispute, and try to solve any problem, respectfully. They compromise to assist each other in achieving their goals.

In the long journey of life, there are some rough paths along with the smooth ones. You deserve a partner who is your biggest cheerleader as well as your biggest support system. In a healthy relationship, you are never a second choice. You are never insecure. A healthy relationship assists you in becoming a better version of yourself. You become confident, compassionate, and kind. Choose your partner wisely. And be aware with whom you are investing your time, energy, and emotions.


Laiba Zaman is an in-house writer at Perspective.

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