Stereotypical Voice - by Ume Habiba

In recent years, representation in movies and TV shows has become a controversial

topic. Many people feel that the majority of visual media used to lack

representation due to the selectively mainstream mindset, the creative people

behind the media, and the racial & gendered infrastructures of Hollywood. While

diverse representation has increased over the years in response to audience

backlash, the question is: has this shift been positive for minorities?

Take Muslim characters in TV shows and movies—they have often been

exclusively portrayed as terrorists, despite millions of Muslim citizens occupying

positions in every sector of society without any terrorist inclinations. This

relentless misrepresentation has quite a dangerous effect on the human mind and

the development of our psyche. One wonders if the Caucasian Canadian terrorist

who recently drove his truck into a Muslim-presenting family had been shown that

Muslims were humans just like himself, would he have attacked them? If he had

been shown that his country isn’t just for Caucasian people to enjoy, would he have

attacked them?

The West thinks that the difference in culture and norms can only be a pathway

towards terrorism. They see their culture as the only 'normal' way to be, and

anyone deviating from that narrow spectrum stands as an implicit threat to them.