The Birth of Light

Updated: Jun 20

There was a young boy named Fay,

who was kind, but many parts of him remained grey.

He had a quest that he had to fulfil every day,

that was to find a light that makes his grey parts go away,

a light that sparks a smile on his face

A light that makes me feel alive

He would wake up at sunrise and go outside

He would take in the sunlight, but that was not the light he wanted to find

He would stand in front of every candle, light, fire, and lantern that would come on his way

But sadly, none of those lights gave him anything in any way

Disappointed, he would come back home and sleep in the darkest of rooms,

He slept a bit sad, a bit mad, and a bit scared

Nervous at the thought: will he ever find that light at all?

This would be his routine most of the days,

until one blue night, he heard a knock

It was a girl, young as him, just as lost as he was

But there was something different about her, he thought

She was light herself, because as she entered

The darkroom did not seem that dark,

her smile was bright enough, to shed some light his way

He got happy and wanted the girl to stay

But the girl had to go one day

He remained friends with her and would follow her

He was fascinated yet envied the source of her light

That she lived with that light,

the same light he could not have all this time

One night as the boy wept in the darkroom,

the girl came and shared her light

Fay begged the girl, to help him find the light

Asked her numerous times,

that from where did she buy this light? What was the price?

The girl smiled at the silly boy; she kept his hand on his heart

And said, "this is the source of all the brightest of lights and darkest of shadows

The light is in you, you are light itself.

You have to smile enough, feel enough, give it enough space for it to come out

This is something you cannot get if you find it outside,

for it remains in your inside."

And how ironic it was, in the same dark room

the birth of light took place in his soul.

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