The Dire Need of Acknowledging Our Books and Language - by Anamta Tariq

In a world proceeding with English as the most important language, there is a dire need of acknowledging books written in our national language. Living in this ultra-modern world full of robotics, the majority of us don’t read books or if by luck we do, they are only the ones written in English. Being a part of this present time even I didn’t know the hidden gems in the form of books written by our very own Urdu writers. Watching the current content on our media is producing the only image we can have about books being written in Urdu. People visualize a cheesy romance novel or a typical book telling us what our society is, but the reality is quite the opposite. Urdu books are not what we think they are. The importance of recognizing our own culture is never discussed in our society. There is nothing in our media that brings content produced by the writers of our very own country nor is the need of appreciating our language being acknowledged.

After all, literature is the story of humans. Through books we have known our origin, our roots, our history, and most importantly, it tells us who we truly are. Books are bridges through which our end is connected to the other end of society. They assist us in understanding the complexities of the world that are usually far beyond our comprehension.

The importance of a book can be judged by the fact that in human history, all the major religions had a book to follow, a set of rules to shape their life. Muslims perceive the Qur'an as their holiest book, it is the core of their religion. Books govern the cycle of life of people who believe in them.

However, in a world run by technology, media is the main means of mass communication. Being such a vital part of society, the media should highlight and encourage our literature and language. Specifically social media should be used to target our youth and the upcoming generations as it has the ability to preside over the minds of the masses.

Urdu books, written by good, talented, and dexterous Pakistani writers are a treat to read, and the ones who have read it would agree with me! We are moving forward with all these modern advances, but we are much behind in the field of literature because people in our society have stopped valuing our language. Our youth has stopped reading and acknowledging books as they find them old-fashioned and 'uncool'. These modern technological advances have not only taken over people’s time and energy but also their mental capability to think differently. They feel bound to the trends of our society. They blindly follow it regardless of considering the fact that it may harm them.

We really need to understand that things related to our country are a part of our identity and should be appreciated by us. Urdu has evolved greatly with the passage of time, but it should be developed further so that it can play a more effective role in the development of a healthy society. Knowing about our language makes us value our traditions, culture, and customs. Our language is full of beauty. The Urdu language has the ability to express the smallest feelings of life by its forms of narration. The literature of our language is diverse and beautiful, containing legendary content written by writers of different provinces. Coming from an extremely patriotic person, I believe that Urdu books are incomparable as they present an effective and blunt picture of our culture and customs. You cannot disagree with me when I state that ‘Iqbal was able to provide a driving force for a separate nation just by the use of his power, words!’

All types of books, even novels, and fiction-based books being written by our writers are magnificent. Our writers produce content that makes you at a loss for words. Writers have done incredible work in novel writing, narrative writing, drama writing, research, and other forms of prose. Some of the best writers include Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Saadat Hassan Manto, Mustansar Hussain Tarar, Ibn-e-Safi, Umera Ahmed, Nemrah Ahmed, Bano Qudsia, Riffat Siraj, Saima Akram Chaudhary just to name a few. Their books are beautifully written and contain such great lessons to learn that they work as nourishment to one’s mind. It is time that we start recognizing things about our country and the immense talent that our country holds that needs to be searched and polished. What I believe we are deficient in, is the lack of motivation we fail to provide to our young writers who are willing to sharpen their skills. Writing should always be encouraged and I hope we succeed in the process of appreciating and knowing about our literature in the hope of bringing them closer to the world full of books, a world of enchantment!

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