The Hazara Community: Preserving a Relationship With Your Roots

Updated: Jun 19

Recently the Hazara community was subject to yet another attack in which ten coal miners were killed brutally. Mass strikes were launched and roadways in Quetta were blocked by protesters. The minority group refused to bury the deceased until the Prime Minister visited them in Quetta and reassured them that they will not encounter such atrocities in the future.

The Hazaras are said to be the progeny of Genghis Khan. The community’s native homeland is Afghanistan. However, 1880 onwards, it was imperative for them to seek refuge in their neighboring country, Pakistan, to escape the persecution of the Afghan King, Abdur Rehman. Sixty percent of their population vanished from the surface of the Earth as a result of political action. And those who were spared, were dispossessed of their property, assets and honor. Since then, the escaped Hazara community has been residing on the outskirts of Quetta.

As per the constitution of Pakistan, the Hazaras are subjected to protection of life, property and honor. However, these are just empty words for them. Almost every year, brutal attacks are launched on the Hazara community because they belong to the Shia sect. Their women and children are sold as slaves, a concept long forgotten by the entire world, but is no alien to the Hazaras.

In the past, Hazaras have always been target of assassinations, bombings and all sorts of persecution. Over the many years the minority group has spent in Pakistan, they have been deprived of basic human rights, including but not limited to educational and political rights. More recently, they have been concerned about the growing influence of extremist groups who lash out atrocities on Hazaras the minute they step out of their sanctuary. This has forced them to flee once again as refugees to USA.

ISIS states that the Hazara are battling in Syria in this way making them a legitimate target. IS-K accepts that they are authentic targets since some Hazaras have been going to Syria to preserve Shia holy sites, many of which IS-K has annihilated or has attempted to wreck. As the contention in Syria and Iraq has advanced, many Hazaras have likewise gone to battle for monetary reasons, with Iran promising citizenship and cash to the individuals who battle in Syria. The ISIS is targeting Hazaras just because they are helping their Muslim fellows and fighting for their lives.

Attacks of racial discrimination have always been launched on the minority group. The latest attack on the Hazara community has gained immense support on social media and the humble civilians are uploading posts and tweeting to show their faith and express their succour to the minority. The hashtag #IamHazara is trending. The entire nation is joining hands to assist the Hazara community in protecting their history.

Their years of endurance depicts their relationship with their historical roots and their desperate tries to preserve it. Being a subject to violence, surrender is always a viable option to end the suffering. If the Hazaras wanted to surrender, they would have done so years ago. Their exhibition of tenacity shows the importance of one’s relationship to their background. You must unite as a nation to mark your place on the map and in the chronicles of history.

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