The Neutral Stance And Its Implications - Why Not Both Sides? - Laraib Laiq

A protestor displaying their placard in Pakistan for Palestine Protest, May 19th, 2021

The recent events that took place in Palestine, the land occupied by Israel, definitely made waves on social media. This issue is not a new one, but it had been pushed to the back of everyone’s minds until Israeli forces escalated their aggression. The wave of resistance has spread throughout the world like wildfire. The Palestinian struggle is a topic of discussion everywhere, and it has sparked a lot of debates. People are talking about the history of Palestine, the forceful evictions taking place in Sheikh Jarrah, the Israeli blockade of Gaza making it an open-air prison, and then, of course, there’s debate about ‘listening to both sides.’

We have people asking why they have to be against one side. Why should they not advocate for both sides to get what they want? The answer is simpler than people think. There can’t be any solution that caters to both sides. The land belongs to the Palestinians. The natives. The Jews came into Palestine as refugees after the end of World War I and the British colonization of the land in 1918. They had been facing antisemitic persecution in Europe and came to Palestine seeking refuge, and that was fine. But taking the land from the Palestinians was wrong, and that’s what happened.