Two Bodies One Soul - Maryam Salman

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”

People said we reminded them of this famous saying, but I never fully understood why they did so until I experienced these days in my own life.

It was the mid-twentieth century. All of the men had returned from the war except for the one who I adored the most in the world. The love of my life had not come back and I spent every passing second praying for his safe arrival.

People may say that I am mistaken, but I have always felt a deep spiritual connection with Dave. Whenever he was in pain, I do not know how, but I knew it before he would even tell me. Even in the times when we were barely able to afford ourselves, the thought of us separating had never crossed my mind. And I believe that the connection within our souls was something that kept us together.

I still remember the day he said goodbye. We had spent the day strolling in the fields, talking endlessly. The thing I loved the most about him was that he was not like other men. Unlike the rest, he respected women and held them as equals, and took the utmost pride in it. He was irreplaceable.

The years of war were tough. I had woven countless sweaters for the men of the war to protect them against the cold waters of the Indian Ocean. Sweater after sweater was woven in hope that one would eventually reach Dave and protect him against the cold winds. All these years, I had the hope of his safe arrival back home. I could not imagine my life without him.

It was the Friday morning of mid-May. I woke up with my heart pounding against my ribs, so chaotically that I could clearly hear it.

I drank a glass of water, but my heart kept throbbing against my chest. I knew something was wrong; I felt that Dave was in danger. Without a second thought, I grabbed my coat and ran barefoot towards the nearest army deployment area. Seeing me run in such a miserable condition, two officers hurried towards me and started questioning. I told them that something was wrong wi