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Victim Blaming, Rape Apologists and the Dangers of Being A Woman - Ibra Aamir

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

In the dark when a shadow lurks, men think it’s a ghost and women think it’s man.

Decayed with pathetic mindsets, men are the downfall of Pakistani society. Pakistan, being ranked the 6th most dangerous country for women to live in, witnessed its 4th rape case in the last 48 hours. A mother, mercilessly dragged out of her locked car and brutally assaulted by unknown men in front of her innocent, young children. The mere thought would send shivers down your spine. This recent incident has not only assumed control over all social media platforms, but has also enraged the entire nation and showed how obtuse we have become. Every time such an atrocity is committed, we just imagine that nothing could be more awful, but then next day the headlines highlight the violence committed on the most beloved creatures of Allah, a mother and her children. Victim-shaming continues to prevail in these situations as the leaders of the country have the audacity to suggest the woman that she should have taken a different route in order to avoid the monstrosity that lashed out on her. When a woman in Madinah was travelling at fajr time and she was raped, she brought the matter before the Prophet (S.A.W). The Prophet (PBUH) never asked what she was doing at that hour of the night, rather he immediately brought the criminal before the court of law. And here is the CCPO of Lahore shamelessly questioning the victim. Why haven’t we heard anything about arresting the criminals? Why haven’t we heard that the police are searching for the rapists? Perhaps the authorities are too busy blaming the victim, that they forgot a criminal is also present in this case who needs to be detained and punished. A while ago, when a law about hanging rapists publicly was going to be passed, a number of government officials opposed it. Where are all these politicians now? Why don’t we see any tweet or post where they offer their condolences to the victims and promise to bring these rapists before the court of law? Why don’t we see molvis blocking roads and protesting for safety of women as suggested in Islam? I guess that’s probably because they don’t see it as important enough, or because discussions about anything important is brushed under the rug in favour of hiding their own sins. It’s truly disappointing that even after so many cases of rape, each time the blame is put on the victim. It is completely unbelievable that someone would try to pin the blame on the woman for a situation where she was attacked, in a tragedy that will forever change her life and her children's We cannot even fathom the pain and trauma those innocent children must be going through. Their mother being hauled out of the car and beaten up by strange men. And imagine how that mother would even have the courage to look at her children anymore?

A quote by Hazrat Umar Bin Khattab states, “The Islamic state is the one in which a single, young woman, laden with jewels, can travel from Yemen to Ajam in the last hours of the night without any fear or grief.”

No legal action has been taken as these monsters continue to terrorize the female population of Pakistan. To terminate such incidents, the government is in dire need of taking a strict action. How many more restrictions will you impose on women? It is the thinking and actions of men that need to be changed, not the lifestyle of females. Why is it always women who must sacrifice everything just for the sake of their safety? Can’t men be just respectful to the female gender? It’s high time that the government acknowledges the need to diminish rape culture. Public hanging may be one solution, but it is not enough to bring the change we really need. An example needs to be set for all the filthy minds out there. On one hand our Prime Minister pledges to hold all criminals accountable, yet he continues to remain silent as the people and animals that dwell in this country are being brutally raped and murdered by meandering men. And more so, even supporting rape apologists within his government. Rape culture is so entrenched in our society we have become immune to most it. Demonstrating even an ounce of mercy to these horrendous creatures – from the criminals themselves, to the apologists, questioners and all those who have still stayed silent will only prompt the violation and loss of countless innocent lives, undeserving of such pain and horrors.

Ibra is an O-levels student who's really into books. And in the past years, she has developed a great interest in writing which is why she participates in a lot of creative writing competitions. She volunteers her free time in working with NGOs as their content writer. While working with the Perspective magazine, she aspires to become a well-known writer.

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