What is friendship they ask

Updated: Jun 20

What is friendship they ask,

For me it is the rock

That I can fall back on

When times get hard

And days get long

Even when the world around me disappears

It is the person who chooses to stay

What is friendship they ask,

It is the reassuring nod that I get

When I am hesitant to take new steps

It is the late night phone calls

And the early morning reminders

It is mentioning something once

And someone remembering it forever

What is friendship they ask,

It is the hand that holds my hand

To cross the road cause I am afraid

It is the text message that arrives

When I am quiet for long periods of time

It is knowing my biggest secrets

And keeping them close and safe

What is friendship they ask,

It is giving without expecting

It is receiving without hesitance

It is unwavering loyalty and trust

That holds your back even in your absence

It is like deep blue water

Calm, peaceful and beautiful

What is friendship they ask,

It is kind and caring ways

At the end of tough days

It is the small inside jokes

That only you two laugh about

It is not big gestures

But small meaningful ways

In which a stranger becomes

The family you choose yourself

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